cindy-hampton_capThe Las Vegas Sun had a report Sunday that fleshed out the story of John Ensign’s philandering:

When Sen. John Ensign hired Doug Hampton to be his senior aide in November 2006, Nevada Republicans were baffled.

Hampton was an unknown, without a policy profile or political experience.

According to eight Nevada and Washington Republicans, Hampton’s chief qualification: He and Ensign were best friends, as were their wives.

“It was a hire based on a relationship,” said a prominent Republican who was granted anonymity to speak freely.

“Best pals,” said another Republican. “It was ridiculous.”

Yesterday, TPM linked to the piece and asked if perhaps Ensign hired fellow Promisekeeper Hampton to help him keep his little soldier in his pants:

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george-allenDick Cheney won’t go away. Rick Santorum won’t go away.  And sadly, neither will the one douchebag who almost ruled them all:

Earlier today, former Republican senator George Allen officially launched his latest venture, “an industry-backed anti-regulatory group” called American Energy Freedom Center. In a webcast today, Allen claimed that he wants to “tell people the truthful story about America’s energy potential that has never been told before.”

Let me guess, he knows more about energy than anyone in the country (except Sarah Palin).

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Well that didn’t take long:

Redstate: Conservatives rejoice. Of all the picks Obama could have picked, he picked the most intellectually shallow.

Powerline: Che Guevera in Robes?

Wendy Long (Judidicial Confirmation Network): On September 11, America saw firsthand the vital role of America’s firefighters in protecting our citizens.  They put their lives on the line for her and the other citizens of New York and the nation.  But Judge Sotomayor would sacrifice their claims to fair treatment in employment promotions to racial preferences and quotas.  The Supreme Court is now reviewing that decision.

It’s all the GOP has left:

Hilzoy fires back:

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blame ACORN

This is getting interesting:

Social conservatives are blasting the National Council for a New America, House Minority Whip Eric Cantor’s (R-Va.) nascent effort to rebrand the Republican Party, as a misguided and weak-kneed initiative that is out of touch with the GOP rank and file.

And why do you suppose the whackjobs don’t like it?

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I wonder how they will pack so much FAIL into 24 hours?

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The protest organizers were struggling to get the event together. They had originally planned to unload a rented truck filled with a million tea bags into [Lafayette Park], but were stopped by officials because they didn’t have a permit. A woman in charge of the protest announced that the right-wing Competitive Enterprise Institute had generously agreed to display the tea bags at its headquarters a few blocks away. She also said that there were originally supposed to be two stages with events, but the metropolitan police had blocked them from putting a stage on the sidewalk. A woman standing next to me leaned over and said, “That’s big government for you!”

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And check out these patriots:

BONUS D.C. Wankery:

A local think tank, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, said it would allow the dumping of the tea bags in its 12th floor conference room instead. Not quite the same impact, though.

What else could go wrong? Another protest that was planned for the Treasury Department was also scrapped due to permit issues.

How much sillier can it get? Columbia, SC:

[ Flash video not available. ]

Stay tuned. They will bring more stupid, and we will find it for you.

UPDATE: Massive Teabag Turnout in Philly.

Chairman Maobama’ is Leading the Country on a Path to Socialism [Think Progress]

I always feel like Putin is watching me ...

Conservatives, sociopaths, and other GOP criminals are currently attending CPAC.  NPR tells me that anybody interested in the 2012 Republican preznit nod speaks there as a matter of course.  Yesterday it was Fuckabee . Today it’s Mittens and some other shitbag whose name I forgot. Joe the Plumber is, of course, holding court and spouting the usual shit.

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