Well that didn’t take long:

Redstate: Conservatives rejoice. Of all the picks Obama could have picked, he picked the most intellectually shallow.

Powerline: Che Guevera in Robes?

Wendy Long (Judidicial Confirmation Network): On September 11, America saw firsthand the vital role of America’s firefighters in protecting our citizens.  They put their lives on the line for her and the other citizens of New York and the nation.  But Judge Sotomayor would sacrifice their claims to fair treatment in employment promotions to racial preferences and quotas.  The Supreme Court is now reviewing that decision.


He’s introducing her now – huge round of applause.

She saved baseball! Ah, sport.

(Note: per my comment in the morning free-for-all, it looks like the conservatives out there are going to hang their hat, in the early running, on the New Haven firefighter case.)

God — the way she speaks. She sounds like Mario Cuomo. (For good and for ill.)

SCOTUSblog’s analysis of Sotomayor’s decisions and dissents here, here, here, here, and here.

The “she’s mean to lawyers during argument” thing is just silly. Justice Scalia — you look up “withering” in the dictionary, and you find that guy.

Supposing her confirmation, I would love to Scalia and Sotomayor throw down. On the bench, that is.

The Supreme Court is to conduct proceedings not inconsistent with this opinion.

It is so ordered.

What the hell do Red State stupids know what intellectually shallow really is?

@chicago bureau: Souter did a moot court competition at GW when I was there; he was withering as well, telling one contestant that his argument was “awfully thin beer”.

@chicago bureau: Many lawyers deserve it. The level of unpreparedness at oral argument can be shocking.

Not to go all “identity politics” here, but do you think any Republican Senator with dreams of the White House will have los huevos to go against Sotomayor?

Think about Mrs. K.B. Hutchinson. She wants to be Governor. Of Texas. Think she can do it after spiking a Latina from the bench?

Point being that Sotomayor is going into this with at least 62 or 63 votes. Unless she falls flat on her face or (hoo boy) has an undocumented-nanny problem, this is just about as wrapped up as it can get.

@chicago bureau: @blogenfreude: But she’s a lady judge. Ladies aren’t supposed to be mean, esp. to male lawyers. That just signifies she’s 1) a bitch or 2) a lesbian or 3) all of the above.

Oh, and please remember in your thoughts Bill Donahue, and anybody else claiming that there is a pervasive anti-Catholic bias in American politics/culture/etc. for no imaginable reason. Presuming confirmation: that would be SIX Catholic Justices. Result!

(In fact, Souter off, Sotomayor on means that — given the membership of Breyer and Ginsburg in the Tribe — the lone WASP left on the panel is St. John Paul Stevens.)

Mrs RML said the bad guys trotted out the “not that bright” meme, but Chris Matthews body slammed that one with “summa cum laude in the Ivy League”

@redmanlaw: And affirmative action doesn’t get you second in your graduating class at Princeton. That’s for damn sure.
@chicago bureau: JPS is also the sole non-Harvard/Yale person on the Court, now that the west coast representation is off.

And I’m off to report on the rally at the state supreme court. If I don’t show back up in a few hours, call the local jail or hospitals.

SanFranLefty: I’m putting my money on 6:1 count upholding Prop 8. (I don’t know who the one is going to be. Hell, I don’t know any of the seven off the top of my head. I’m just a degenerate gambler who loves action.)

Any other players out there?

@SanFranLefty: We’ll certainly post what you gather.

One more for the list…

My main concern is the lack of intellectual depth in her past opinions. I have read about 30 of the opinions and they do not support the view that she is a natural pick for the Court.

Another rabid wingnut? Nope: Our Man Turley.

@chicago bureau: I’ll take the under and say they strike it down 4-3.

@SanFranLefty, chicago bureau: You want some action CB? I say it’s more likely that Lefty ends up in jail on riot related charges than in the hospital.

redmanlaw: I do not doubt SFL’s skills — I’ll bet that she is a student of the sweet science. But if there’s a riot over this? Really: upholding Prop 8 is just about a foregone conclusion. Don’t mourn, organize; etc.

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