The Party That Couldn’t Shoot Straight

GOP Mistakenly Releases Sotomayor Talking Points to the Press.


@Serolf Divad: Funny – it works here. Maybe nojo fixed it when I wasn’t looking.

@blogenfreude: That would be the link in your comment, and there was indeed an “hred” typo, now fixed.

DEVELOPING: Rush misses memo, calls Sonia a racist. Barry, too. “Reverse racism,” natch.

@chicago bureau: Keef and Rachel need two-hour shows tonight.

nojo: Keef needs a two-hour show every night. (Or, so he says.)

Meanwhile, the Beeb refers to her as having grown up on a “housing estate” in the Bronx. Sounds kinda eeleetist when you say it that way.

@chicago bureau: Ya know, some days I half expect Rush to indict someone in Sport merely because s/he is black, but then I’d also be wise to chalk that up to the pills talking.

I was like, gee, it seems pretty even handed. Then I got to the last part, and I saw the crazy shining through like a sun ray after a storm.

The unborn and property owners being put in the same grouping is CLASSIC.

Also, I love that “Obama said he believes Supreme Court justices should understand the Court’s role ‘to protect people who may be vulnerable in the political process.'” is included as a stand alone talking point. I hope and pray to the unborn baby property owning Jesus that someone says this verbatim, with no qualifications or context, on a pundit show.

There is beauty in this world, and it is the GOP talking points memo.

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