I am sorry to do this to you at the end of the day, but I figure at least after reading this most of you can go drink.  That is certainly where I am headed.  As a word of warning, it is Malkin related (Tommmcatt baby, this one’s for you) so only enter if you are in the mood.  Because lord knows I usually am not.  But there is a fabulous Tweety smackdown bonus at the end.  So there is that.

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“Her political ambition combined with her intelligence is much like putting a jet engine on a golf cart. You don’t know where it is gonna end up.  There’s a lot of horsepower but not a lot of steering capability.”

I think you know the one.  Just in case, there is a hint after the jump:

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This guy used to live in Chicago and I totally did a staged script reading with him. We also sort of made out once, which was very fun. In addition to being really hot he is very smart and apparently fairly heroic.

That is all. Please return to your regularly scheduled lives already in progress.

My friend and I in happier times (aka, the beginning of our wait).

My friend and I in happier times (aka the beginning of our wait).

One of the stories of inauguration day that seems to be quickly gaining steam is the plight of the purple ticket holders, including SanFranLefty and your very own Homofascist.  Truth be told people from the blue and silver areas had trouble getting in as well, but the Purple People as we have been dubbed seem to be the most covered and seemingly the most vocal.  Of course we also seem to be the group of whom only about 50 out of thousands got onto the Mall.  We got some play from Maddow and stories have been popping up all over the place, including this pretty definitive account (at least from my perspective where I was stuck) from The Huffington Post.  There is also a Facebook group called Survivors of the Purple Tunnel of Doom.  They are pissed and seeking reparations.  You can even take a Washington Post poll to put in your 2 cents about what we should get for our hassles.  And as is the sign of the times we have a Wiki page (I was not in the tunnel) and our own merchandise!

I wanted to give you a first hand account of my experience and give you my thoughts about all of the hubbub.  Warning:  it is long.  But includes a picture of Homofascist with a celebrity, so read on!

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Could this week get any better?

As they say, breaking HARD (tee hee hee):

Disgraced pastor faces more gay sex accusations [AP]

baby_flipping_the_birdHas it really been a year?  It seems difficult to believe that much time has passed since one of the most difficult and exhausting yet strangly satisfying weeks I have had in a long time.  I feel like I have known all of you for so much longer, and I guess in a way I have.

So pour yourself a drink my lovely Stinquers, sit around the campfire and let General Homofascist spin you a yarn about the spark that ignited the explosion that hurled us travelers into this little corner of teh internets.

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I am headed to O’Hare soon.  Please pray to the FSM that my plane takes off relatively on time and doesn’t end up splashing down on Lake Michigan – there really aren’t ferries to rescue us out there, and I really don’t feel like doing my best Titanic impression and becoming an ice cube.  I will do my best to check in this week, as this week is significant for a whole host of reasons.  More tomorrow!

If you have anything you would like me to pass along to Michelle when we get together for tea and manicures (you know, girl time!) please send them along.