I Mean, How Could I Resist?

I am sorry to do this to you at the end of the day, but I figure at least after reading this most of you can go drink.  That is certainly where I am headed.  As a word of warning, it is Malkin related (Tommmcatt baby, this one’s for you) so only enter if you are in the mood.  Because lord knows I usually am not.  But there is a fabulous Tweety smackdown bonus at the end.  So there is that.

I accidently stumbled upon Our-Lady-of-Internment- Camps latest column, Civility and Tolerance in the Age of Obama.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t go her site, just some Yahoo ‘Buzz’ thing (I don’t know either).  Which is sort of hilarious, because in it she does her classic non-claim claim and throws out such stellar journalism as:

They told us if Barack Obama were elected, the nation would come together. Souls would be fixed. Spirits would be healed. Public discourse would be elevated. Welcome to civility and tolerance in the Age of Obama.

By calling something “The Age of Obama”, which ‘they’ (whoever ‘they’ is) said was going to be the land of magical rainbows, he is somehow responsible for Perez Hilton being a sack-of-shit, for college students thinking Tom Tancredo is a sack-of-shit, and for the fact that some in the news media pointed out that the teabaggers were sacks-of-shit.  Make sense?  Doesn’t to me either, but I can’t think about it too long because I have brain cells to kill.  So pour yourself a stiff one and enjoy as Tweety gives perhaps one of the best smack downs of another infamous Malkin non-claim claim.


The problem with that clip is that despite the ridicule dished out by Tweety, Malkin accomplished her purpose: keeping the meme alive. Don’t forget how much that “question his patriotism” thing hurt Kerry.

The jury’s out on how effective the wingnuts will be during this period in the wilderness, but remember: she’s not trying to convince you or me, HF, she’s preaching to the choir.

Ping-Pong, baby.

An oldie but a goodie. Like a fine wine. I could watch it forever.

She’s looking a lot more feral now than she did then, I must say. Living on bile and chutzpah doesn’t agree with her.

TJ: Say what you like about the South, but a Southern lady is always hospitable, even under the most trying circumstances. From the AP:

A Mississippi woman who was shot in the head not only survived but made herself tea and offered an astonished deputy something to drink

@Mistress Cynica If she was like my grandmothers, she also apologized for the mess, the condition of her clothing/hair (“I must look a mess”) and not having anything freshly baked….

Jamie Sommers: Some say that Michelle Malkin fucked a donkey in high school while giving a blowjob to her grandpa.

Sean Hannity: Do you have proof of this?

Sommers: There is a book that casts doubt…

Hannity: Who has ever said this?

Sommers: In 1977…

Hannity: TELL ME WHO

Sommers: In 1977…

Hannity: WHO???

Sommers: Have you ever asked Malkin if she fucked a donkey or blew her grandfather?

Hannity: No I have not!

I think they do not understand the phrase STFU.

If they were right about anything important then maybe I wouldn’t be so harsh to RW wingnuts, but at this point it is hard to be anything but. Most of the problems we face as a species was exacerbated or created in large part by them.

A while ago, Dr James Watson of DNA fame bitched about how evolution has been stopped by modern living. I don’t think he’s right. I think evolution has been happening, but it has been mostly mental rather than physical. By and large, our survival as a species has depended on individuals and small family groups but that has been in large part because of our limited technological abilities. As we have developed much more powerful devices and improved information technology, our own survival instinct realizes we humans need to think beyond ourselves and more forward thinking as well as the ability to process information at higher and higher rates.

I don’t know if this will lead to a split of species (at least in say 2000 years) but I think this is more evident thanks to telecommunications and the internet about the split between high information folks vs low information folks.

Personally, I want everyone to be high information folks, but I think the problem is with those who resist information/change and the assholes who use them. Do I think it will be all rainbows and unicorns in a High Information world? No, considering man’s history.

Enough babbling.

I can’t drink until I’m done watching Larry King ask Levi Johnston about sex.

I can’t watch Larry King. Ick.

And that is classic Malkin. I love it when she looks like she’s going to unhinge her jaw and swallow Tweety.

@blogenfreude: I’m taking one for the team here, especially since I had to tune away from Rachel. (Ooh! Sis & Mom coming on soon!)

Larry asking Levi about pestorking Bristol is like the CNN version of Curb Your Enthusiasm — a comedy of creepiness. (News flash: Levi didn’t cut Tripp’s cord.)

And finally: Mercede Johnston wants to be a surgeon. She’s young, so I’ll let that pass in silence.

@nojo: The Larry King interview was crazy! And I’m sorry but Levi and Mercede seem just a *leetle* too close for normal.

Speaking of bad parents, I give the Bad Parent of the Day award to the Fresno Bulldog gang member who forcibly pinned his 7-year-old son down while he had him tattooed with a gang symbol on his stomach.

Speaking of taking one for the team, I recently availed myself of the opportunity to get a free NRA membership via a link on thefirearmsblog.com. Appropriately enough, my card says “member since 4/1/2009”.

So I get a call tonight from twang talkin’ lady from the A saying that they are contacting patriotic Americans such as myself to inform them of the greatest threat to gun ownership in years. I listen to the screed from Wayne LaPierre, and big voice guy comes on and asks “do you trust the gun hating Congress to protect your second amendment rights?”

I said yes, and they hung up. This could be fun.

Free NRA membership – pass it around:


I mean, how could I resist?

@blogenfreude: Her eyes roll back when she does that with her jaw, too, just like a great white shark.

Oh, my, all the angry deluded people, where do they all come from.

I must add, I would not hit that. Even though teh crazee is actually attractive, most of the time, to me, no, not her. She is “boil your rabbit” crazy.

@Promnight: She lives in Germantown MD, a couple miles from my sister. I worry that one day I’ll see her on a visit in say, a Safeway, and that I will not be able to resist the urge to mock.

@blogenfreude: I would find it difficult to resist the urge to kick her in the crotch.


Does anyone ever just ask her: “um, so why are you such skangy krazee beeyotch?”

@redmanlaw: That is very tempting. I love fucking with a demographic.

@Mistress Cynica: The sticker would look cool on your Honda. You could fuck with the minds of the people at the farmer’s market or Wild Oats or whatever as well. It’s like a two-fer. I have mine on the truck next to the Obama sticker, with “I fish and I vote” on the opposite bumper.

Evil is its own entertainment.

To be, um, fair-ish, Tweety just didn’t let her say her thing in this clip. Malkin is scum dregs, but in the interest of honest discourse (please stifle your guffaw right now), he didn’t let her speak her piece.

Sorry to be off-message but Tweety, in this clip, was no better than Bill-O. Then again, as The Jam said, That’s Entertainment!

@Pedonator: I sort of disagree – he tried to get her to assert as her belief what she was dancing around by doing the whole “others have said” thing. I do wish he would have let her talk a little more (more rope to hang herself with). But it did finally get her to say “I don’t know!”, which was sort of the point. It is like when he went after the guy who was trying to talk about ‘appeasement’ and Neville Chamberlain without having a fucking clue what Neville Chamberlain actually did, which is also sort of required viewing.

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