Froginchief Macron did the right thing calling up Killer Joe on the phone but THIS CUNT MUST FUCKING GO! and it will take stronger stuff to  resolve the Trump crisis du jour.

STINQUE thereby commands the Commonwealth of Nations and the EU and all of their member nations to recall their ambassadors immediately and instruct customs officers to refuse to land any US goods, regardless of ship’s flag.

This will give cuntface something to think about.


Donnie! Bite the barrel or die in Attica of unspeakable assaults and humiliations!

They stomped Father Geoghan to death!

They hung Epstein for entertainment!

You have far fewer fans in the prison system.

You won’t go with nearly as much dignity.

Think about it.

Pull the trigger – or call Kimmycakes!

The president’s niece dissected her uncle’s highly controversial press conference during a Thursday evening appearance on MSNBC, RAWSTORY reports from an MSNBC television report.

Anchor Lawrence O’Donnell asked Mary Trump what she saw watching Donald Trump’s address to the nation, RAWSTORY reported.

“Well, we’re seeing a man who is in a unique position,” she replied. “Donald has never been in this place before where there’s nobody to bail him out, there’s nobody to buy him out. He’s desperate, he’s flailing, and there’s literally nothing he can do legitimately except to watch this play out helplessly,” Mary Trump opined, clearly indicating Moe and Larry need to come to the White House with cheese or the tassel.

“This wasn’t just Donald obfuscating or lying. This was Donald talking about an attempted coup,” she explained. “The leader of a country trying desperately to de-legitimize an election. it is obscene and somebody has to step in and stop him.”

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Democrats have opened up a yawning gap in early voting over Republicans in six of the most crucial battleground states — but that only begins to tell the story of their advantage heading into Election Day.

In a more worrisome sign for Republicans, Democrats are also turning out more low-frequency and newly registered voters than the GOP, according to internal data shared with POLITICO by Hawkfish, a new Democratic research firm, which was reviewed by Republicans and independent experts.


If you’re not punching him in the face, you’re not paying attention!


Big Fat Kremlin Call Girl Donald Trump was medevac-ed to Walter Reed Hospital this evening amid reports that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has assured America that Continuity of Government Protocols required to maintain national government during loss of executive communications or incapacitation are ready to assure restoration of a functioning government should Satan take his boy home. 

The White House has of course lied about everything including Big Fat Asshole Trump’s condition, with White House Dr. Sean Conley claiming, “the president remains fatigued but in good spirits.”

CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta reported that White House officials, “have serious concerns about Trump’s condition tonight and his symptoms are worse than those of the First Lady at this point, according to our sources.”

One of Acosta’s sources, a Trump advisor, intoned portentously, fearing loss of his ridiculous felonious meal ticket.

“This is serious,” the source said.

The source described Trump as being “very tired, very fatigued, and having some trouble breathing.”






Can justice be at hand?