Paul Ryan Gets a Charge Out of Fisting Queen FUCKFACE! von CLOWNSTICK! and Making Him Make a Funny Face!

MOMMMMEEEEEE! That's it, FUCKFACE! Call me fucking MOMMMEEEE! when I twist my fist in your big fat fucking ass! This will get you ready for that 10000 year sentence you get in Allenwood and the 1000s of cannibal neonazi serial killers who are going to you their bride!

MOMMMMEEEEEE! That’s it, FUCKFACE! Call me fucking MOMMMEEEEEEE! when I twist my fist in your big fat fucking ass! This will get you ready for that 10,000 year sentence you will get in Leavenworth and all nice and ripped open for the 1000s of cannibal neonazi serial killers who are going to make you their bizarre, orange bride!

History’s most insanely malicious president and the biggest ASSHOLE! to sit in the speakers chair, displacing boy rapists like Dennis Hastert and obscene, raving drunks like John Boehner are like Jeffrey Dahmer and Charles Manson in the same softball team, ever competitive and always trying to cave in the other asshole’s face with a Louisville Slugger.

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Queen FUCKFACE! von CLOWNSTICK! Depressed That AMERICA! Isn’t Sucking His Dick Hard Enough!


DUCKY! DUCKY! Did you see that headline? Oh, FUCK! DUCKY! they hate me, DUCKY! THEY HATE ME! How can that be? Booohooobooooohoooo!

Insane Kremlin chew toy Queen FUCKFACE! von CLOWNSTICK! is overwhelmed with depression by the fact that everyone in the universe understands what a twisted treasonous, pathetic piece of owned shit he is and righteously wants him to just go and fucking throw himself off of the 14th Street bridge.

The Washington Post reported this week,  “The media clearly matters to Trump, however. And Trump’s penchant for holding grudges seems to be sucking whatever joy should come with winning the ultimate prize.”




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McClatchy: 1 in 3 voters give President Trump a grade F While Republifucks Run for the Exits!

Insane president from outer space FUCKFACE! von KLOWNSTICK will end his days chained to a pipe in the shower in Allenwood and AMERICA! counts the days until then.

After enduring nearly two hellacious embarrassing months in office during which not one cat in AMERICA! was able to keeps its dinner down, Precedent FUCKFACE! von KLOWNSTICK!, got a grade of F from 1 in 3 voters, according to a new McClatchy-Marist Poll.

By contrast, the same number graded predecessor Democrat Barack Obama’s performance a B as he approached his 100th day in office, McClatchy reported this week.

“Every time he speaks . . . my cat power chucks across the yard. It’s phenomenal, the explosive emetogenic response be provokes,” said a witness to western civilization’s last days from Auburn, WA. “I have never seen this kind of stuff fly out of any animal.”

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Kremlin-Turk Triple Agent Mike Flynn Going to Cashier TRUMPLIGULA! For Immunity! Time to Fit TRUMPLIGULA! For a Wedding Dress for His Husbands in Allenwood!

The Wall Street Journal reports today that Kremlin-Turk triple agent and traitor-for-hire Mike Flynn, President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, “has told the Federal Bureau of Investigation and congressional officials investigating the Trump campaign’s potential ties to Russia that he is willing to be interviewed in exchange for a grant of immunity from prosecution, according to officials with knowledge of the matter.”

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This Time Next Year, Trump Will Be Found in a Blood-Drenched Wedding Dress, His Rectum Dangling Out His Ass, and His Dick Nailed to His Face, Chained to a Pipe in the Shower in Allenwood

Donald Trump in the wedding dress he will have worn to his first day in prison whereupon he would be raped to death by people with taste, class and a sense of justice.

File Photo of Inmate Donald Trump arriving at Allenwood Penitentiary to Serve a 153,033 Year Sentence for Treason.

Sure, sports fans we can laugh at the demented buffoon but this piece of shit is going down hard for treason, dozens of charges of engrossment by a public servant, structuring, bribery and obstruction of justice.

I’d give odds, but this isn’t even a bet.

I’ll buy everyone a coke when the report comes in after he is found dead, chained to a pipe in the shower at Allenwood.

Because that is how TRUMPLIGULA! is going to go down.

Unless you’ve got a more wonderful vision of how fuckface will meet his end.

100 Days of EPIC! LOSING! Precedent FUCKFACE! von CLOWNSTICK! Feels Really Bad About Everything So Write Letters to Him Encouraging Him to Jump Off of The 14th Street Bridge


DUCKY! DUCKY! Did you see my Pooteecakes? Oh, FUCK! DUCKY! get him on the phone for me, pretty please!

Strange, Orange and Bloated, FUCKFACE von CLOWNSTICK wanders the halls of the White House alone babbling nonsensically about the forces of evil arrayed against him, comforted only by staffers who jump out of potted plants in the hallways wearing Vladimir Putin masks and offering to sodomize him, according to

The insane trust-fund twit is apparently upset that AMERICA! refused to shoot itself in the face because he, THE! PLENIPOTENTIARY! would find that amusing and would fund important new sources of revenue for people he wants to impress who likely regard him as less valuable as a Hershey squirt stain on a pair of St Vincent de Paul thrift shop boxer shorts.

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TRUMPLIGULA! Enraged That Democrats Defied HIM!, THE! PLENIPOTENTIARY! and Refused To Shoot The Poor and Sick and Themselves In the Face and Repeal Obamacare and Replace It With Tax-Advantaged Firing Squads!

How can the Democrats live with themselves and call themselves AMERICA!ns after refusing to hunt down the sick, the infirm, the aged and stuff Gatling guns in their guts, firing and shouting praises to FREE!dom as their intestines fly out their backs in the name of shareholder value, exactly as the Founding Fathers intended?

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