In related news, Tesla’s sinking like a rock.

We checked out almost six hours Saturday afternoon, joining our Ukrainian immigrant friend for a Eurovision YouTube watch party. When we returned, well, you know.

God how we love people telling us it’s not as bad as we think, and certainly won’t get worse!

All we remember from high-school history is Johnny Tremain.

There must have been more, since we always got all A’s except for the infernal C in P.E. We must have done the reading, wrote the papers, passed the tests.

But nothing stuck.

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From the start we’ve felt a deep affinity with the dark humor of the Ukrainian soul, and, well, we’re not alone.

From the start of the invasion, our young Ukrainian immigrant friend has been telling us that the typical Russian attitude is one of disdain, even contempt.

He’s not guessing. He speaks Russian. He’s been watching Russian news. He’s been following Russian social media.

It ain’t just Putin.

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