BUT THE SHAME OF IT is that his demential is so far advanced that he’ll never notice it:

Notice the alertness in piece-o-shit Trump’s eyes in this photograph:

Million mile stare of brain dead Trump

Neuropsych experts comment widely on obvious signs of Trump’s dementia

Can any fair-minded person consider it actual punishment if Trump is too senescent to notice he is being dismembered by inmates who are reveling in the opportunity to tear a Nazi limb from limb?

This is why, in Trump’s case, America must understand that torture is a sacrament if Trump dies in agonized horror. 

Trump indicted in classified documents case in Florida [CNBC]

  • You have been exposed to someone who bought a bluecheck on Twitter
  • You have been exposed to someone who will spend precious moments chatting with the cashier
  • You have been exposed to someone who had chili for lunch

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