Since we’re now kidnapping human beings for sport, let’s just go for it…

  • Line up liberals against a wall, shoot them
  • Competent Insurrection
  • Invoke Constitutional “One Vote for You, Two for Me” rule

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Just wondering.

Imagine what they’d save on a burial and ceremonies if they could convince Charles to make her into a smoothie!

He always considering himself  an ecologist or something.

This could be his first statement as king!

We haven’t been watching the hearings because we saw it the first time, and, well, for us the question is whether they have any effect on general perception. So when our Twitter timeline lit up Thursday night with Running Man gags, we knew something extraordinary had happened.

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We woke up Sunday morning with one thing or another on our mind (and a third, things being what they are), but before our thoughts could evolve from a cosmic gaseous cloud into a pristine planet, someone tweeted an old Gong Show clip that reminded us that joy is where you find it, even when you’re not looking.

The world sucks, and it’s unlikely to get better for a long time. But if we’re going down, we’re going down dancing.