We’re gonna spell out a word here, a few times actually, that is often politely acknowledged by only its first letter, although we’re not sure for whose benefit.

It’s from testimony at Tuesday’s first congressional hearing into the January 6 insurrection, given by one of the Capitol officers protecting the heart of American democracy — what passes for it, anyway — against its opponents.

“You hear that guys, this nigger voted for Joe Biden,” the officer was told.

“Put your gun down,” a colleague reported about a separate encounter, “and we’ll show you what kind of nigger you really are.”

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In the thirty years we’ve been familiar with global warming — never mind the more than sixty years since it was first brought to public attention — a common lament has been about disproportionate effects, how wealthy nations would ride it out better than poorer ones, and how the wealthiest among us would ride it out best of all.

We’re starting to wonder about that.

We’re starting to wonder whether the advocates of “mitigation” — itself a loser’s strategy — have any fucking clue what they’re up against.

We’re wondering because Oregon somehow managed to pollute the Northeast last week.

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Let’s start with some facts. The United States is again leading the world in new Covid cases. Florida alone accounts for more than one in five new infections stateside. More broadly, vaccination rates correlate with Trump voters by county, and you can guess which direction that goes.

Oh, and hospitals everywhere are reporting that the new cases they’re seeing are almost totally among the unvaccinated.

And the National Review has decided it’s all our fault.

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Mike Lee, whose name we can’t say without spitting, has a new target in his sights.

“We should be celebrating diversity in our schools,” he emailed us last week, “and to be clear, critical race theory doesn’t celebrate diversity — it weaponizes it.

Yeah, that part’s in bold so you don’t miss it.

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On this most sacred of days on the American civic calendar, we proudly present a patriotic Canadian chewing the scenery out of the Preamble.

It’s not like we haven’t seen this coming, and for a very long time. In 1958, CBS broadcast one of Frank Capra’s science specials, The Unchained Goddess, warning that “man may be unwittingly changing the world’s climate through the waste products of his civilization.” In case you missed the 16mm version in school, SNL presented “Carl Sagan’s Global Warming Christmas Special” in 1990. Around that time — thirty years ago — we first encountered the idea of a “tipping point”, when atmospheric carbon reaches a level where the climate flips like a canoe, and there’s no going back.

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“Very frankly,” said Ronald Reagan about Roots after its 1977 broadcast, “I thought the bias of all the good people being one color and all the bad people being another was rather destructive.”

This line is so precise, we have to wonder whether he wrote it. Or, if he did write it, we have to wonder how well-worn this kind of dishonesty already was, that he could just pick it out of the air. Ronald Reagan was not an intelligent man, but he was a good liar, and he knew a good lie when he heard one.

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