All we remember from high-school history is Johnny Tremain.

There must have been more, since we always got all A’s except for the infernal C in P.E. We must have done the reading, wrote the papers, passed the tests.

But nothing stuck.

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From the start we’ve felt a deep affinity with the dark humor of the Ukrainian soul, and, well, we’re not alone.

From the start of the invasion, our young Ukrainian immigrant friend has been telling us that the typical Russian attitude is one of disdain, even contempt.

He’s not guessing. He speaks Russian. He’s been watching Russian news. He’s been following Russian social media.

It ain’t just Putin.

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Among those covering Russian atrocities — such an insufficient word — in Ukraine is Illia Ponomarenko, defense reporter for the Kyiv Independent, who on Saturday summed up the carnage:

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We’ve seen tractor memes a-plenty, but none as elaborate as this, via TikTokker Ukrainian Girl. We don’t know whether that’s an original composition or an existing children’s song — our secret hope is that it’s full of profanity — but we’re just fucking delighted by it.

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Now that it’s back on Netflix — the first season, anyway — and you don’t have to struggle to get English subtitles out of YouTube, let’s talk about Zelensky’s political sitcom Servant of the People.

It’s very, very good. And really fucking funny.

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