“It ain’t real on the ground,” we had told a friend on Friday after the respected website Decision Desk HQ called the race, “until it hits the airwaves.”


The moment was operatic, out of The Godfather, the networks simultaneously settling all family business, the sheer finality of it all.

And a moment later, the videos started flooding in.

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The president’s niece dissected her uncle’s highly controversial press conference during a Thursday evening appearance on MSNBC, RAWSTORY reports from an MSNBC television report.

Anchor Lawrence O’Donnell asked Mary Trump what she saw watching Donald Trump’s address to the nation, RAWSTORY reported.

“Well, we’re seeing a man who is in a unique position,” she replied. “Donald has never been in this place before where there’s nobody to bail him out, there’s nobody to buy him out. He’s desperate, he’s flailing, and there’s literally nothing he can do legitimately except to watch this play out helplessly,” Mary Trump opined, clearly indicating Moe and Larry need to come to the White House with cheese or the tassel.

“This wasn’t just Donald obfuscating or lying. This was Donald talking about an attempted coup,” she explained. “The leader of a country trying desperately to de-legitimize an election. it is obscene and somebody has to step in and stop him.”

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Armed Insurrection: 20-1

The President of the United States Erupts in a Flaming Pyre of Despair in the Rose Garden: 10-1

You Picked the Wrong Week to Stop Sniffing Glue: 3-1

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Sean Connery: James Bond actor dies aged 90 [BBC]

And so we end as we began, with a stolen Supreme Court seat.

Had American governance worked as Americans expect it to — or used to — the ideological balance of the Supreme Court would have remained unchanged at this point, two replacements and a third to be named next year, pending this election’s victors. Perhaps a Republican president would be forwarding a nomination to a Democratic Senate, or the other way around.

Of course, the other way around at this point would have meant three unfilled seats by now, had GOP senators carried out their threats against President Clinton, and we’d be enduring earnest discussion whether six seats was, y’know, enough.

Instead, the Endgame is upon us.

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Democrats have opened up a yawning gap in early voting over Republicans in six of the most crucial battleground states — but that only begins to tell the story of their advantage heading into Election Day.

In a more worrisome sign for Republicans, Democrats are also turning out more low-frequency and newly registered voters than the GOP, according to internal data shared with POLITICO by Hawkfish, a new Democratic research firm, which was reviewed by Republicans and independent experts.



Pro: No extradition treaty with United States.

Con: They might have a few bones to pick.


Pro: No extradition treaty with United States.

Con: American troops with a grudge.


Pro: No extradition treaty with United States.

Con: They also saw Godfather II.

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