Tucker Carlson out at Fox News [CNN]

The only possible explanation is that the cops are closing in on where FucKKKer hid the dead bodies…

And that he butchered and cannibalized straight white Republinazi donors, cuz if it were anyone else, like POC or LGBTs, he’d be getting a promotion!!!

@nojo: When life gives you Lemons (shrug).

Not particularly sad, since:

1. Who still watches CNN, anyway?
2. Lemon has always been yet another obtuse both-sideser who only showed evidence of brain activity once Pussolini and his MAGAt cult begin targeting him personally.
3. Chris Licht is a total See You Next Tuesday, and there’s not anyone at that network that’s gonna emerge without a knife firmly in their backs, screw ’em.

@¡Andrew!: From what I’m seeing in bits and pieces, yeah, Licht. CNN under Zucker was bad enough, Licht is just finishing the job.

Survey Finds Nearly 6 In 10 Wealthy Americans Living Fraud To Fraud

WASHINGTON—Noting that the most opulent were under constant pressure to make cons meet, a survey by the Pew Research Center released Monday revealed that nearly six in 10 wealthy Americans are living fraud to fraud. “Burdened by the escalating need to line their pockets, affluent Americans are increasingly forced to live from one criminal deception to another,” said lead researcher Alexis Spence, explaining that the situation has become so dire that many rich people don’t even know where their next scam will come from. “Try as they might to stretch out every last penny from their deceits, it’s often just not enough for them to afford their immeasurable luxuries. Some well-to-do citizens must even go so far as to take on two grifts at once.” At press time, Washington stepped in with a new government-subsidized fraud to help support struggling robber barons.


Before we found about why Thomas goes as the Crow flies (in a private jet.)

And the drips keep on coming. With each lame denial comes another revelation about Justice Ruckus.

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