American Denialism

We’re seeing a lot of pushback to the idea that the Roe reversal is a domino — that despite Clarence Thomas putting gay marriage, contraceptives, and homosexuality itself on the target list in his concurring opinion, well, he’s just one guy, y’know? And besides, the Supreme Court didn’t outlaw abortion, they just left it to the states!

There is, of course, a lot of dishonesty in the pushback. People will lie, people have lied — including justices who said under oath during their confirmation hearings that Roe was “settled law”.

It’s not them we’re thinking about. It’s people who believe them. Especially gay people.

There are, in this bewildering world of ours, gay MAGA Republicans out there. You may have heard of them recently, when a Texas Log Cabin contingent — it still exists! — was pointedly excluded from the state party convention, something they were actually eager to attend.

We’ve seen a few up close, in our social-media wanderings. One in particular caught our attention, the day the draft Roe opinion was leaked. From what we could tell, he’s a comfortable well-off Republican suburbanite whose comfortable well-off Republican friends are comfortable with him having a boyfriend.

“Nobody really cares anymore that you’re gay,” he wrote. “It’s a non-issue. In fact, being gay has become BORING.”

Which would be awesome — were it so. That’s the world we want to live in, where being who you are doesn’t make a fucking difference.

Problem is, that’s not the world we live in now.

There was no explaining this to him, no citation of sources he didn’t wave away. That ACLU list of legislation challenging gay rights? Balderdash! They’re just playing it up to raise money, and besides, they’re just a bunch of commies, anyway.

That kind of thing.

The rationalization and denial is extraordinary, but we see it all over, the certain insistence that what’s happening isn’t really happening, that all threats are the product of excited imaginations — that it won’t happen to me. And they’ll keep on insisting until they’re carted away, shocked — Shocked! — that their friends would do this to them, would allow it to happen.

And there’s nothing we can do about that. The world is melting, the police are timid thugs, there’s a goddamn virus that has killed a million Americans — name your issue — but until it affects them personally, it simply doesn’t exist. And even when it does, they still deny it. Vehemently.

Long ago, we came to the conclusion that the only recourse was to outvote them. But even that doesn’t work, not when the very structure of government is built to privilege a minority of voters. And there are far too many people who still insist, despite all evidence, that we live in a representative democracy, to tackle that fantasy.

Vote Harder, we’re being told by the people running the show. We did. We have. And it hasn’t made a fucking difference. Tell us the truth, for once, because your fanciful civic lies are just making shit worse.


Our biggest problem is that we were raised to believe that the United States works, like as a functional, modern country. Even white gay people believe this for the most part.

That’s not true, and people of color have always known that there’s an undercurrent of sadistic malevolence running just below the veneer of respectability. The difference now is that the MAGAt Republinazi death cult treats other white people the same way that they’ve always treated people of color and immigrants.

This is why it’s so embarrassing and humiliating to watch so-called centrist Democrats, like Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer, foolishly bumble from one catastrophe to the next.

Once we understand that our economic and government systems we specifically designed to ensure our worst citizens are always in charge, we can adjust our tactics and expectations. Most urgently, we have to get people to vote and not succumb to ignorance and apathy.

This country was hopelessly fucked up before we were born and will still be hopelessly fucked up after we’re gone. However! Even the smallest differences that we make matter.

There was a beautiful sentiment in a novel I read recently; it was something like ‘sometimes you can only save one person, but even saving one person is worth it because you’ve saved their whole world,’ meaning them and those who love them, and I’m including dogs, cats, nature, and all other chosen families. It matters.

SCOTUS is taking up state control over election law next session, but please, vote harder. We promise we’ll fret about norms all the way to Hell.

@nojo: We have to elect more progressive Democrats to pass the For the People Act and unfuck the Republinazis’ anti-voting laws. It’s the only way out.

Law enforcement all over the country are having a terrible time trying to recruit people to serve in our domestic hostile occupation army—gosh, I wonder why—so that’s a major strike against Team AmeriKKKa: Uterus Police.

Maybe after the Republinazis overthrow the government, Amazon, Chase, Facebook, and Google will fly us to other countries so that we can experience democracy.

Um, solemn acknowledgement of an anniversary day supposed to celebrate freedom from tyranny that has been taken over by flag waving inept hamhanded Christo-fascist fuckwits who actually hate freedom and love tyranny more than anything else.

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