Good Luck With That

  • Trees of green
  • Red roses too
  • Skies of blue

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Writes the choreographer in a program note, “If we all cooperate to achieve our goals, we can share in their meaninglessness.”

[via Know Your Meme]

Our Motherboards, Ourselves.

If you can’t make sense of our guest columnist, not to worry. We can’t either.

In the scope of my research, a feminist programming language is to be built around a non-normative paradigm that represents alternative ways of abstracting. The intent is to encourage and allow new ways of thinking about problems such that we can code using a feminist ideology.

To succinctly sum up my research thus far I will outline the decomposition of my question below:

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Christian girl goes in the woods to record her anti-gay rap/poetry slam. This is what came out.

To paraphrase David St. Hubbins, there’s a fine line between stupid and dumb as shit.

[Happy Place: Christian Teen’s Anti-Gay Rap in the Woods]

Our guest columnist is the cofounder of Google and profoundly naive.

I must confess, I am dreading today’s elections.

Not because of who might win or lose.

Not because as a Californian, my vote for President will count 1/3 as much as an Alaskan (actually it won’t matter at all — I’m not in a swing state).

Not because my vote for Senate will count 1/50 as much as an Alaskan.

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“The most important [debate] anecdotes, aides say, may not even be family stories, but memories from his days at Bain Capital. Bain Capital’s rise from an offshoot of a consulting firm to a major power in the private-equity world is something Romney takes prides in, and his advisers hope that the candidate defines those years on his own terms.” [NRO, via TPM]