What Else Rhymes With Hate?

Christian girl goes in the woods to record her anti-gay rap/poetry slam. This is what came out.


To paraphrase David St. Hubbins, there’s a fine line between stupid and dumb as shit.

[Happy Place: Christian Teen’s Anti-Gay Rap in the Woods]

Fornicate! How did I not see that one coming?

Fundamentalist Xtians have the opposite of the Midas touch when it comes to using forms of mass media/entertainment… as in desecrate.

And here we see the opposite argument to my recent post on the bookface about desktop editing software producing awesome stuff. Fortunately, I can still link to that, and cleanse my mind of bad privileged white girl rap:


What a cunning stunt. We’re all so impressed.

@IanJ: desktop editing software producing awesome stuff

Depends on the filmmakers.

@Benedick: “Cunning stunt.” I’ve learned so much here.

Two things:
1. Dumb girl
2. Rhyming to “ate” made me hungry.
3. There is no god.

Three! Three things!

Makes me think of Andre The Giant and Inigo Montoya on the boat after kidnapping the Princess…

“Anybody want a peanut? ”

Oh, I have a date to begin working as female. *Hooray* Now I just need to shop for shoes and frocks. And see if I can change my user name here.

@CheapBoy: Keep the Cheap. Cheap Gal?

@Dodgerblue: See You Next Tuesday.

Why yes I have spent time in the men’s chorus dressing room, thank you for asking.

@CheapBoy: If I were in your Manolos I’d go tailored. I guess it depends on life/work/budget but speaking as one who’s worn a frock or two I’d avoid Laura Ashley. Remind me. You’re not in Melbourne are you?

@Benedick: Thanks to which, I now know what a dance belt is. I would have called it a fancy jock strap, but now I know better.

@Dodgerblue: Darling, no.

A jock frames the butt and unless you’re under 25 or freakishly muscular it will cut beneath the cheeks giving one the male equivalent of back-fat.

Obviously the jock has much to recommend it. I’m a long time fan. It can be soaked in sweat or torn or have experienced containment failure but when a man needs a special kind of support when pretending to be a Jet or the Sugar Plum Knight something more substantial is needed.

While a jock will support and frame, a dance-belt will keep the tea set in place during grand jetées while at the same time making the ass-line look fabulous since the belt moves the strap to one connector running between the cheeks. Think retiree on the beach at Miami. Sidebar: Don’t knock the thong. For a man not in the first flush of youth – say, Catt – a thong can be a flattering option. If he has no sense of shame. Again – think Catt – a late season in the sun can be enjoyed.. Where was I?

Oh yes. If you’re conflicted which to wear under your jeans think panty lines. You’re on your way to meet friends to eat sushi. Naturally you want your butt to look its best. Are you anticipating a muscular bearded man ripping open your fly in an alley to expose your jock? Or a ballet master keeping you behind to spank you? No? Then you’re on your own. I have only so much trash in my head to dictate here.

For the ballet a man dresses up in his belt. For Broadway let’s hope he can keep it in his pants.

@Benedick: I’m actually wearing a thong in all this, um, lipo-ebullience.. Somewhere. I think….

@Benedick: When I go to spin class, for example this morning, I’m not concerned about my ass-line, except that it’s too big, but I don’t want my package getting hammered by the hard, fixed-position seat with every pedal stroke. The good people at Under Armour make a fine product that takes care of this.

@Mistress Cynica: I bought the canvas today for the painting of the kitteh.

ADD: Oh my, what the fuck was that exchange between Dodger and Benedick about jock straps. I hope Tommy can explain…

@Benedick: Cunning Stunts. I saw Metallica on this tour in 1997(?)


@Dodgerblue: Hanes makes some moisture wicking tech shorts that work for everything from the gym to the trout stream.

No am doing the whole “Not offending the father” thing because I took my Mother’s maiden name. So the whole name takes in the 4 threads of my heritage. Matri-lineal and Patri-lineal.

I should be a diplomat!

No I am in Syderknee (Sydney) but was born in Melbourne.

@Jenny_F: Congrats. Welcome, Jenny.

@Dodgerblue: Underarmor is indeed a fine product but not made to lift and separate. More to squash everything in. The dance-belt makes more of everything without emphasizing one’s religion, if you see what I mean.

@redmanlaw: I heard such a sweet interview with John Grogh? drummer for… ? who has directed a film about recording at House of Hits(?). He was so interesting about the Neve soundboard that set the studio apart. I did my best to remember because I thought you’d know about it.

@Jenny_F: Welcome indeed… Maybe a new avatar to go with the new clothes?

One might go with “Pirate Jenny” for the screenname, because, you know, Kurt Weil was awesome.

@Jenny_F: I’m glad the world will see you as the person you have always been, Jenny.

Now, let’s talk about bogans… :-)

@Benedick: Dave Grohl, drummer for Nirvana and guitarist/lead singer of the Foo Fighters. It was a charming interview. His documentary is about recording at Sound City.

I loved the Foo Fighters, especially Dave, until I learned about this. As far as I’ve been able to tell, they’ve kept radio silence and have never apologized or admitted they were wrong.

she understood the talking part of the whole rapping thing but not so much the music.

that was priceless. thank you leftie.

as far as what rhymes with hate. I think she covered it with the possible exception of constipate. which was the first thing that came to my mind.

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