Stock Up, Everyone!


Happy Indictmass!!!

FSM bless us, every one : )

Gosh, sure would be a shame is there’s an overnight MAGAtown mass suicide.

“What about all the politicians that were indicted before they became president???
Checkmate, Libs.”

DeSantis, refusing to extradite: “The Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney…”

When racism isn’t enough, there’s always antisemitism.

@nojo: DeathSentence is a disgusting coward, a bully, and a wannabe Pussolini.

I read on the internet that he eats shit—he can’t prove that he doesn’t nor disprove that he does ; )

Now we just need Roodles Ghoulliani to plead the case down to first degree murder with summary execution.
“Case clothed, your Majesty (hiccuuup)!”

The first stone in a big legal avalanche for Orange Shithead.

The Law & Order party really has a problem with justice when it affects them.

Trump plays surrender monkey and gives up without throwing a tantrum.

Facebook Entirely Memorialized Accounts

PALO ALTO, CA—Responding to reports that Facebook maintains a large and active user base, Facebook parent company Meta confirmed Wednesday that the pioneering social media platform was now entirely memorialized accounts. “There hasn’t been too much activity since the last user passed away earlier this year,” said Meta spokesperson Tara McCallan…

“It’s little more than a digital cemetery—even the bots have died. We’re going to keep the site up for a little while longer in case any live people come along, so if you’re hearing this and are currently alive, please come on by.”

Facebook added that they have shifted focus to becoming the number one destination for corpses seeking dangerous misinformation online.

I like the popcorn idea.

What will you suggest for the conviction?

Unless the penalty is impalement, it doesn’t matter

Dominion disappoints, but they’re a corp… not for our entertainment.

@ManchuCandidate: I’m not disappointed by $787 million, but I didn’t have any expectations either.

Dominion’s peak revenue, 2022: $17.5 million, 100 employees. Also hearing that the settlement is six-months Fox revenue. More than couch change, and there’s another libel suit in process.

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