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It started innocently enough. A week ago, after bewailing the state of Our Exceptional Republic, we felt like zoning out on some fine filmed entertainment offered by our preferred streaming service. Maybe one of those comic-book movies we hadn’t gotten to watching yet?

We didn’t get very far.

The opening credits were one of the most joyous things we’ve seen since the Snoopy Dance — and we first saw the Snoopy Dance fifty years ago. The face was total bliss, the body (trunk?) a mass of expression.

We had to stop. And play it again. And again. And again.

We’ve been playing it again all week.

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A Thousand Pixels of Light.

Devout Catholics document the appearance of their new leader using technology based on groundbreaking research by a gay mathematician and popularized by a Zen Buddhist.

Today Show [Instagram, via ParisLemon]

Here at Chez SFL, we have three Thanksgiving Eve traditions.

The first is to pig out on the new Dungeness crab of the season. Unfortunately, Mr. SFL and I both worked late tonight and didn’t have a chance to get crab, although we already had our first crab on Saturday.

Tradition number two is to watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. The scene of Snoopy fighting the fold-up chair never fails to make me laugh hysterically.

And then in closing, tradition three, we find the best possible clip on the tubez of WKRP in Cincinnati and the Turkey Drop episode.

Happy Thanksgiving, Stinquers. I’m thankful to have all y’all from my dysfunctional virtual family to talk politics, soccer hotties, FLOTUS fashion, Sarah Palin stupidity, cat-blogging, dog-blogging, bunneh-blogging, food porn, car porn, wine porn, Teabagger Outrage de Jure, closet-case Republicans, my Stinque Department of Lady-Bits screeds, or whatever may strike our fancy.

Were we thinking about something? We’re sure we were thinking about something. It must have been really, really important. We’re sure of that, too. Only for some reason, we have no fucking clue what it was.

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Look closely, children. One of these things is the totally awesome new MacBook Pro with bitchin’ Retina Display. The other is not.

Can you tell the difference?

Our guest petitioner is Oliver Willis.

Why This Is Important

I would like to read your articles without clicking “next” and you can make just as much money from a well designed single-page article as one begging for more page views. Electrons cost you nothing. We want to read without hitting NEXT. I’M MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GOING TO PAGINATE ANYMORE.