Jesus Phone is Risen

A Thousand Pixels of Light.

Devout Catholics document the appearance of their new leader using technology based on groundbreaking research by a gay mathematician and popularized by a Zen Buddhist.

Today Show [Instagram, via ParisLemon]

Alan Turing and a pope from Argentina. Sounds like a new book from Thomas Pynchon.

Should have added “and provided by a company whose logo suggests Man’s Fall from Grace.”

interestint to see if any of this has any effect at all on the churchs medieval ideas. my money is on not.

Just out of curiosity… any March Madness hoops pools?

I’m looking forward to get my ass royally kicked in again.

@ManchuCandidate: My entirely secular undergrad alma mater will dance this year. I think they upset Indiana last time around, two years back.

@mellbell: So are you going to set up the pool again? It’s the only time we can get our favorite San Francisco Libertarian Tool come out of his hidey-spot.

If UofL goes all the way, Pitino will have an NCAA champ from Providence, from UK and UofL. Would be some sort of record.

True fact: the Rickster visited my house back in Lexington.

@stickler: Pitino knows a thing or two about going all the way.

@SanFranLefty: He’s been burning up the Twitters the past few weeks. Libertarian Tool loves him some Sequester.

@stickler: Actually Pitino coached Providence to the Final Four but they didn’t win the championship. Indiana won over Syracuse that year.

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