“I Am Not a Sixth Grader”

I'm the liberal from San Francisco here to take your guns.Snap! Go DiFi, tell that little punk where to stick it. From the Ess Eff Chronicle:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a 20-year veteran Democrat, clashed fiercely with Tea Party-backed newcomer Ted Cruz of Texas, when the freshman began lecturing the Californian about the Constitution during a debate over Feinstein’s assault weapons ban. … The clash was reminiscent of an exchange Feinstein had nearly two decades ago with the since disgraced Larry Craig, an Idaho Republican, who lectured the “gentle lady from California” on firearms during debate over Feinstein’s successful 1994 ban that expired in 2004.

No issue is more emotional for Feinstein. She became mayor of San Francisco as a result of the assassination of George Moscone, and was the first to discover supervisor Harvey Milk’s body, slipping her finger into the bullet hole as she sought a pulse. […]

Cruz asked Feinstein whether she would “deem it consistent with the Bill of Rights” if Congress did the same thing to the First Amendment that she contemplates with the Second Amendment. Her assault weapons bill bans certain weapons, so Cruz asked whether Congress could ban certain books.

The Stanford-educated Feinstein replied, “I am not a sixth-grader,” and said her bill specifically exempts 2,271 weapons. “Is this not enough for the people of the United States?” she asked? “Do they need a bazooka?”

Clip of DiFi and Cruz after the jump.

[SF Chronicle: Dianne Feinstein clashes sharply with Tea Partier]

Yeah, but she didn’t answer the question. She dodged it. It was Patrick Leahy who had the better response to Cruz’s misguided analogy, so let’s show some love for the Head Deadhead in the Senate.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: I always have love for the socialist Deadhead Senator from Vermont.

I have a picture on my fridge of the Senator holding a folding stock AK (probably the 74) with her finger on the trigger. She looks like Ma Barker, the gangster from the ’30s.

I love this guy. he is the new poster boy for republican stupid.

btw the other day we were talking about Malick and his method. this video about the making of “to the wonder” is great. it talks among other things about how there was no script.

Josh at TPM mentions an historical footnote I’ve never considered: The Moscone/Milk killings came a week after Jonestown.

What Josh doesn’t mention is that Leo Ryan represented San Mateo county — just south of SF — when he was murdered. Strange times in local politics.

@CaptHowdy: Also bear in mind that I’m an insufferable asshole given to intemperate rants.

However, sessions with the trainer seem to be working. My BMI dropped to mid-point for normal.


that must be why every professional in hollywood would sell their mother into slavery to work with him. maybe thats not a good example since most professionals in hollywood would do that to work period. but you know what I mean. personally I loved tree of life and cant wait for this one.


you could say it looks like a Malick movie.

@nojo: Yeah, there were a lot of people getting killed in and around Ess Eff and Oakland back then. Don’t forget the Zodiac Killer. All the shooting and violence sent Mr. SFL’s parents to the East Bay ‘burbs back in the early ’70s, by the time of the Moscone/Milk assassinations the shit was getting really crazy. Explains the Dirty Harry movies.

And Jackie Speier, who is an awesome feminist pro-choice rock star, currently has Leo Ryan’s old seat, and was shot and seriously injured at Jonestown because she was there as one of his aides. Some of this shit feels like it happened yesterday for the locals around here.

ADD: Mr. SFL corrected me to note that Dirty Harry came out in ’71, the same year his parents moved him out of Ess Eff; that the Chowchilla bus kidnapping made NorCal parents jumpy in the mid-70s, and that the Dead had some great shows at the Winterland in October/November ’78. But he agrees that “shit was crazy” in the mid to late ’70s and his parents had to frequently tell him to leave the living room during the local news.

/SFL stands corrected.

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