Proposal: Buck Dharma and Paco DeLucia on a Metal Flamenco Tour


Hey, Nojo, can you fix the video tag so the YouTube preview pane displays properly?




Baby you’re back!! We’ve missed you! How are you doing?

/happy Snoopy dance

P.S. Switch panes on the WordPress control panel and embed the code.

Never left. Fine. Just too busy per usual. Getting ready for the gig in Buenos Aires. Right in time to raise heck for the New nazi pope. How you been?

What panes? Is there is a panel someplace on the admin page I should know about?

Thanks for the fix, Nojo! Or did you patch it, Lefty?

@FlyingChainSaw: Quickie fix before streaming Louis CK.

@FlyingChainSaw: Here’s Robert Trujillo of Metallica with Rodrigo y Gabriela doing the Metallica instrumental Orion from the classic thrash album Master of Puppets.

Speaking of the movement of ancient peoples from another thread, I send greetings tonight from the foot of Tsoodził, the turquoise mountain, one of the four sacred mountains that defines the boundaries of Dinetah.

@FlyingChainSaw: It’s about goddamn time, slacker!

They wrote more songs than the one about the reaper?

@redmanlaw: <3 I live in the shadow of The Mother of Waters, and dude, if that thing goes, this valley will be wasted with mudflow slurry water and craptastic business.

ADD: IOW, there are no signs indicating an evacuation route because what's the point?

@redmanlaw: Can you send a picture of the mountain?

@JNOV: Some of the best of the repertoire was pre-Reaper, many informed observers contend.

Some nice gitar playing on this tune.

@JNOV: IIRC correctly, Patti Smith wrote a tune or two for them.

@Dodgerblue: Buck is good but I think he dampers his solos on cuts he knows are recorded or video’ed. What is really nice is the ensemble work, the way he and the drummer handle the crecendo accelerando at around 5:00. Deft. Classy. Heard him go into a long, discursive flamenco excursion at a show in the middle of The Subhuman that was frighteningly provocative. Metal solos can be exciting. Flamenco metal just makes you want to pound your face on the floor and howl. Suddenly, you were at a completely different concert. It’s something he should explore. Tell him for me, when you see him next.

@Walking Still: Fire of Unknown Origin. She wrote a big chunk of the songs for that album.

@FlyingChainSaw: Mount Taylor (Tsoodzil) – Blue Bead or Turquoise Mountain .The town of Grants NM, where I stayed the other night before heading into the outback, is located at its foot along I-40. Mt Taylor is the subject of a long running battle over its designation as a traditional cultural property of the Navajo people. I can see the mountain on the western horizon from Santa Fe. It cheers me to be able to Navajoland from here. I saw the comet over Mt Taylor as I was driving out to Grants on Thursday evening.

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