Let’s Savor This One

Trump indicted in classified documents case in Florida [CNBC]

A noun, a verb + “with tears in his eyes” and you’ve got your $hitler anti-social media post generator.

There were 10s of protestors at his arraignment. 10s!

A Trump attorney has withdrawn from a Trump case, which isn’t really news these days, but…

Reading the court filing, he’s called “Mr. Trusty”, which sounds like a discarded idea for Better Call Saul.

@nojo: I can’t even keep track of all of $hitler’s strip mall storefront, clown car “lawyers.”
One resigns and ten more take up the case. It’s like a parade of the bottom 10% of America’s law schools, and it doesn’t seem to matter at all how openly ignorant and incompetent they are.

And now for something completely different, I read all of the Onion’s list of America’s favorite seckshal positions so you don’t have to ; )

Alabama: Sex On Electric Chair
Colorado: Rocky Mountain Oyster Maker
Michigan: Militia-Style
Nebraska: Reverse Hayride
Nevada: Double Penetration Or Nothing
North Carolina: Gerrymandering The Pussy
Utah: Hymn Job
Rhode Island: Oyster-Erotic Asphyxiation

@ManchuCandidate: Congrats on the new mayor, Olivia Chow–she seems awesome.
It’s comforting knowing that part of Jack Layton’s legacy will live on through her work.

She was the least worst choice considering the number of crapto brahs running trying to make Tarana the crapto capitol of the world.

Meanwhile, Elon killed Twitter this morning — unpaid accounts limited to reading 600 posts a day. Elon explained it in a tweet, but if you’re getting “Rate Limit Exceeded”, you can’t see it.

@nojo: Seems Business Genius didn’t renew his Google Cloud contract. [Update: Apparently he did a week ago.]

@ManchuCandidate: Really? I read a glowing profile of her and she seems like a massive upgrade over Tory and Ford. Time will tell.
That said, I’ve given up on following city politics. I’ll still vote of course, but collectively we’ve just defaulted on solving any of our problems. It’s just permanently enraged, entitled, narcissistic personality disordered white NIMBYs screaming about parking, homelessness, and rainbow fentanyl while blocking the possibility of implementing drug treatment programs and building any new housing as more and more people lose their livelihoods, their homes, and their minds. It’s the same all over North America.
It’s a permanent doom loop of the 1% stepping over winos passed out in their own vomit to get to their $2 million dollar condos, while all the pimps and junkies and hoes parade up and down Fourth Avenue at all hours of the day and night and the police randomly bash them.
Well, fiddle-dee-dee.

@nojo: An engineer six months ago described Shitter as a rolling car fire with no one behind the wheel. It’s incredible that it’s lasted this long under E-loon.

Oh, hey, friend slipped me a Bluesky invite. Link once I get settled in.

@nojo: No, I don’t have any invites yet, and the first two are already claimed.


I’m not a big fan, but she’s a better choice than my mayor. We got too many Bay St knobs around here who think government run as a business is good for everybody. Ford’s been stinking up the place with his cuts to healthcare and pretty much everything.

One of the reasons fires are out of control here in Ontario is because dipshit cut the forest fire fighting budget by 2/3 reasoning it can’t happen here /literal cough cough/

Threads: Yeah, no. All algorithm, no “Following” tab. Maybe it got lost in the Metaverse.

@nojo: Okay, I’m all in. You have to let it be what it is, not what you think it should be. (The algorithm also improves with use.) Besides, people there are happy and having a lot of fun, something I haven’t seen online in a very long time. It’s infectious.

Gigolo Beach was a late night 90s cop show about sex crimes.

I voted in the local primary for city council and school board today.
It’s a white-knuckle race between Whocares and Itdoesntmatter.

@¡Andrew!: Suddenly I don’t recall there being a school board election in Denver since I’ve been here. Sandy Eggo either, for that matter. But no bigots running for open seats either, which seems to be the New Thing elsewhere.

@nojo: Like roaches after the nuclear apocalypse, they’ll always be out there… with vague, banal campaign websites touting unspecific, unenforceable promises to help EDUCATE THE CHILDREN.

Okay, let’s savor this one, too.

Oops he did it again!

“Malevolent Criminally Insane Psychopath Tr666p to Attack US, Now Guaranteed to Win Reelection”

–The New York Slimes

The local SINclair nooz channel has $hitler’s coup indictment as the fifth story scroll down on their website, ha ha.

“Dear Leader has some legal troubles…”

I’m surprised they covered it at all.

@¡Andrew!: They have one of those in Eugene, what used to be a respected locally owned station. Pairs with what used to be the local family-owned newspaper, now run by vulture capitalists.

The story is gone from the SINclair station’s website already. Too many thought crimes against Dear Leader.

They’ve replaced it with some troll pablum about how real AmeriKKKans hate higher ehjacayshun. I swear that as recently as two years ago, it was a decent local news source. It’s like watching someone succumbing to Fux Nooz Brain in real time.

As far as local, family-owned newspapers, well, we’ve got the Seattle Times aka the Suburban Times, since their writers don’t actually live here, and you’d be hard pressed to find an editorial staff with deeper seething contempt for their own readers. Their entire ideology is centered around the Blethen family’s hatred of paying taxes and news industry unions.

If/when they go under, I certainly won’t shed a tear.

What’s most despicable about US media in general is that false framing is baked in from the start and called objectivity.
There’s no such thing as true or false, nor right or wrong, there’s only BOTH SIDES, and HORSE RACE and GRRR TAXES BADS CORPORATIONS GOOD.
A lot of the blame for this nation careening into an endless immoral abyss over the last twenty years falls directly on this country’s failed journalism industry.

@¡Andrew!: Which station? I know a few from visiting grandparents growing up. (And where’s the JP Patches statue?)

@nojo: KOMO “News”
Ugh, I’d feel dirty now even linking to it.

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