Thursday Anniversary Arrives With Capitol Cops Short 400 Officers and Trumpanzis Arriving by Tens of Millions in DC on Full Auto

Again, every Facebook page is rife with crazed neonazis shrieking SIEG! HEIL!s with blood gushing from their ears, waving automatic weapons at the sky and describing the murder and dismemberment of everyone to the left of Ghengis Khan and the government is asking if a cross guard wants to meet them on the mall and direct their little parade.

So sad and so predictable. 

Here is Team Trump, getting ready for the anniversary. They are going to kill people. In fact, you’ll notice most of the people in this picture have made an industry of murdering people for entertainment:

What America needs right now is a rational response to insurrection. And that is as simple as arresting Trump, Bannon, Navarro, trying, convicting them and impaling them on the White House lawn. 

Step 2: If the celebrants of J6 show up, send the National Guard early for once and deploy them with flame throwers in preparation of the cannibal barbecue and celebration after the J6 Reunion Celebration.


I’d also be willing to accept a James Bond villain-style ending, in which Tr666p is pushed face first into an industrial-sized buzzsaw.

“He had to split.”

Trump deserves better.

Ritual beheading followed by sitting him shoulders up under the gallows so America could take turns shitting down the hole.

@FlyingChainSaw: impure thoughts about what to do with his head…

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