Just wondering.

Imagine what they’d save on a burial and ceremonies if they could convince Charles to make her into a smoothie!

He always considering himself  an ecologist or something.

This could be his first statement as king!


At least there was some good news in that Ken Starr finally croaked today. The Republinazis can shove Clinton’s cigar straight up his dead a$$.

Is there really no way to defeat an obviously guilty defendant who went judge shopping until he found a corrupt one willing to gleefully immolate herself and betray America for the glory of her cult ruler?
Asking for a country.

Hey Q, we found it human traffickers: it’s moRon DeathSentence and Governor Dalek.

@¡Andrew!: Facebook just put me in jail three days for plainly describing DeSantis’s actions.

All Hail King Tampon & Queen Consort Menorrhagia!

@jaycubed: No way am I entering that into a Google search.

@¡Andrew!: Maybe you’ll find the SNL sketch!

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