The Second Time as Farce


New Texas Law Requires Gun Buyers To Show Proof Of Mental Illness

“Starting today, all prospective firearm owners must be evaluated by a state-licensed physician and be able to document that they currently suffer from violent tendencies or are otherwise mentally disturbed,” said Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, adding that registered gun owners would need to take yearly exams to confirm they routinely threaten people’s lives, fantasize about murder, and actively wish to do harm against others or themselves.

Abbott added that the state had passed further regulations requiring that anyone who had been reported to be planning a mass shooting of any kind be given complimentary ammunition and firearms.

It’s a little close to the truth. It seems to me that most folks who really want guns aren’t the type of folks who should have guns.

See recent Bobo (Bobert) family circus where daddy got pissed and pissed off with neighbors telling their brat to slow down on side streets while mommy Bobo shrieks like a drunken banshee about how their precious isn’t the asshole, YOU’RE THE ASSHOLE FOR POINTING OUT HE’S AN ASSHOLE. Typical asshole bully behavior really.

@ManchuCandidate: There’s countless stories of asshole-on-asshole violence to warm the heart. Two of my favorites are the one in which the loser of a Bible quoting contest shot and killed the winner, and then the classic quarrel in a gun shop in which the owner and the customers all shot and killed each other over a service dispute.

Dare I say that I’m actually feeling hopeful about November?
Biden’s list of accomplishments is legitimately impressive and kinda incredible given the reality of a narrowly divided Senate:
–Record job growth and unemployment at a 50 year low;
–Inflation Reduction Act, transitioning to renewable energy and lowering prescription drug prices;
–Chips and Science Act, greenlighting a major investment in domestic production of semiconductors and in science research;
–PACT Act, expanding health care for veterans exposed to burn pits;
–First major gun safety law passed in nearly 30 years;
–Passage of a $1 trillion infrastructure package and the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan;
–Confirmed the first black woman Supreme Court Justice;–Led worldwide sanctions against Ru$ia’s invasion of Ukraine;–Student debt cancelation, $10K wiped out for millions of borrowers;
–Killed the current leader of Al-Qaeda.
Meanwhile over in Mordor, the Republinazi orcs appear to be on the ropes and reeling from Tr666p’s latest acts of treason, women’s loss of their rights to control their own bodies, and their own candidates’ Herschel brain squirts.
If only we could just skip to the end where $hitler blows his brainz out in Mierd-o-Gordo’s underground bunker and takes the Republinazi carcass back to hell with him.

The debt cancellation and putting money into hands of normal folks instead of banksters makes people happy. That is why the GOPers are shitting themselves over it.

Since the Alito lead Fundy Clan wiped out Roe V Wade, things have gone rather South for the GOPers. GOPer Senate wipeout. And being a touch hopeful, keeping the House.

My hubs and I have donated a downright painful amount of munnie this election, state and federal, the most ever in fact.
The Demonrats have to beat back the rabid, screaming, bug-eyed, face-eating Republinazi bath salts cannibals or we’re all screwed.

Democrat Mary Peltola Makes History As First Alaska Native Elected To Congress

Mary Peltola is awesome! I donated to her campaign, which was considered a major long-shot, and she won!!! Donate some munnie to her campaign for the November election. This is the first time that a Democrat has won that office in Alaska in half a century.

Sarah Mean and Stupid, the Queen of the Danged, will be grifting back on the ballot in November. Like a vapid, hateful killer in a horror movie, she’ll have to be defeated again, unfortunately.

“…when (Biden) said, ‘Not every Republican, not even the majority of Republicans, are MAGA Republicans. Not every Republican embraces their extreme ideology,’ he’s really talking the difference between someone who comes to your house and murders everyone and someone who comes to your house, murders everyone, fucks the corpses, and sets the place on fire. Sure, the latter is way worse, but, you know, in the former, you’re still murdered.
‘MAGA forces are determined to take this country backwards — backwards to an America where there is no right to choose, no right to privacy, no right to contraception, no right to marry who you love.’ That’s been the Republican agenda for decades. That’s what ‘mainstream Republicans’ believe. Don’t pin that on the Trumpnuts.”

I glanced at the UK news and misread the headline that their new PM is Lil’ Tuss.
Figures that the CONservatives would scapegoat a black rapper for their self-induced economic calamity.

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