I’m Just a Bill on Capitol Hill


A shredded half loaf with Sinema parasitos and Manchin cuts is better than no loaf. Perhaps when the Dems get a bigger majority* in the Senate, things will get better.

*losing several key GOPer holds right now.

@ManchuCandidate: I’m now in Obamacare mode: Just pass any fucking thing.

The grotesque contortions that the media has pretzeled themselves into to scream that the Biden and the Dems are the losingist losers that ever losered have gone beyond bizarre to downright comical. Take the headline on NBC “News:”
Dems desperate for election boost seize on ‘extremely popular’ measure in spending bill
Oh yes, because all political genius brain trusts know that if you’re not passing incredibly unpopular legislation (*Tr666p tax cuts for billionaires COUGH*), then you’re a total pussy.

White trash gnash over Sodamn Insane’s palace FBI party crash.

Hope everyone’s enjoying Infrastructure Week!

The FBI investigation, er, contagion has spread to Penn. Fake electors and Scott Perry.
Can’t you guys just RICO the GOPers? They’re pretty much a criminal conspiracy at this point.

Meh, if the US actually had any top secrets that were worth a shit, Prezinazi AntiChrist and Javanka would’ve already sold ‘em to America’s enemies years ago. That ship’s long since sailed. Just follow the trail of dead Ru$$ians.

Ricky Shitter is the most MAGAt name ever. Good riddance to fascist trash.

Where in the world will they find an electric chair wide enough for Tr666p.

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