More Awesome Political Pranks

Since we’re now kidnapping human beings for sport, let’s just go for it…

  • Line up liberals against a wall, shoot them
  • Competent Insurrection
  • Invoke Constitutional “One Vote for You, Two for Me” rule

  • Discover lost Bible passages heralding Orange Savior
  • Enslave Black people as the Founders intended
  • Threaten Blue States with nuclear war
  • Storm the Weights and Measures Division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology for no reason
  • Pee in public pools
  • “Assylum!”
  • Just call yourselves Nazis and be done with it

Declassify documents at random. Kill more CIA informants than Aldridge Ames just for shits and giggles.

In much needed good news, Cuban voters overwhelmingly approved same sex marriage and adoption.

This is an historic victory, decades in the making, in a part of the world that is generally hostile to LGBTQ rights.

It’s scary to jump on a Trump site and yell randomly that the ‘ILLEGAL! 13th amendment was shoved down America’s throats by a criminally insane Lincoln’ and 131 people agree with you and say shit like ‘Oh, yeah, I read that on Brietbart!’

@FlyingChainSaw: In a similar vein, how is it that people don’t understand that the president doesn’t sell gas or set gas prices? And that there’s this entire oil industrial complex that owns the Republinazi party?

Gosh, it sure would be nice if the lie-burul media would clarify that one.

I read that as “Vote, Despise Everything.”
Yup, checks out.

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