I Will Tweet No More Forever


Fun fact: Twitter circles down the drain the opposite direction in Australia!

Actual Fact. Sinks are much too small to feel any effect from the Coriolis Effect and do not drain in different directions North & South of the Equator.
(It’s easy to design a sink to preferentially drain in one direction of choice.)
While I hope that Uber-Twit Elon Musk’s investment goes rapidly down the drain, it will randomly go down either clockwise or counter-clockwise.

@jaycubed: I’m old; allow me the few fantasies I have remaining.

To Elon (verb): burning 44 billion of other people’s money.

Sure would be a shame if he lost billions of Bonesaw’s munnie, too. Chop chop.

@¡Andrew!: I’m wondering if Bonesaw at some point gives up on the investment, and, uh, cuts it loose.

Welp, our living nightmare election day is finally here.

We donated an absolutely painful amount of munnie to Democratic candidates–state, federal, and local–this summer, begged everyone I’ve ever met to vote, and voted ourselves weeks ago.

I bought a nice shiny bottle of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey that Ima gonna be spooning with all nite.

About 12 years ago, I watched the 2010 mid terms with nojo in SD. Not a happy night for the US.

It was the last time I visited the US (not because of that, but the fact I would lose my job, nearly went into financial ruin, work for peanuts and had to fight for my life at work and at home… let’s just say it was a shit 9 of the last 12 years… then that whole COVID thing.)

Yes, at least we had the beer and popcorn.

Well, at least Boebert’s going down. Boulder can rest a little easier tonight.

@ManchuCandidate: I wish we’d had the opportunity to meet!
I miss going to Canada. We used to go at least once a year, and now it’s been since well before the pandemic. The sense of relief after crossing the border into a sane country is palpable.

Marked safe from The Absolute Worst.

Cautiously optimistic about the results. Turns out most voters aren’t demanding fascism after all.
I want accountability from the lying mass media:
The New York Slimes
The Washington Pust
The Hell
dumFux Nooz
and especially 538
Those gawd-dam, soulless, fascist propagandists, cheering the ongoing Republinazi terrorist attack against us–they’re shameless, lying whores who’ll say anything for a buck.

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