Team Sarah Slips One Past Us

Has Clark Kent been laid off yet?Took us a moment — well, more like an hour — to catch the reference in today’s email from our favorite gals:

I call today “Creator’s Day!”! I am THANKING GOD for Creating ALL THINGS, including EVERY child, born and unborn, and of course the earth!

See, it’s really Earth Day, and — oh, never mind. We’ll let them play it that way. And next time they see the Creator, we hope he mentions that the creations he’s tasked with stewarding his planet are really fucking up the job.


Wait, it’s Earth Day? Dammit, I was going to conserve energy, ride a bike, not eat meat… Oh wait, I already do all those things. Carry on.

Has anyone else gotten the ad from the Sarah PAC? It happened just once the other night, and it freaked me the fuck out.

@homofascist: I love it – like I said, let’s take their fucking money.

I’m getting an ad for a World Of Warcraft clone.

@homofascist: I got Sarah PAC. It will take a lot of Snorg girl ads to get rid of that image.

@Benedick: Apparently it is/was also “Secretary’s Day”. Overseas this was a great occasion to take all the folks who kept our offices running day in and day out for a meal, a coupla drinks and some words of thanks.

Here, I just about got bitchslapped when I mistook an “admin assistant” for a secretary. Shit, I do all my own typing, mailing and scheduling – where are my flowers?

@homofascist: I get the SarahPAC ads, and also the emails. Fortunately I tend to ignore both of them. Blog, if you need something to erase the image, I know a guy who knows a guy who can get you a copy of “Drill Baby, Drill”.

@Nabisco: I was told it was “Admin Assistant Day”. So we sent around a card for our really terrific and totes HOT young woman who mans the phones, watches the door, and takes care to stock the break room with snacks and drinks. (She is young and very smart and I believe she will be CEO of something someday.)

And we in the “Admin” section of our small organization (everyone who ultimately reports to the CFO) took her out for a decadent 3-hour lunch overlooking the sea, with mud-cakes and port for everyone. Yay! for Admin Assistants! She really is that good.

Re: Earth Day: Mr. Pedo and Jr. Pedo and I, upon a Sunday, decided to mix it up a bit and take a walk through Balboa Park a coupla years ago, instead of the routine dog park/dog wash routine. Unfortunately, it was Earth Day. We were stuck in traffic for TWO HOURS just trying to get out of there. Nothing says “Earth Day” like a traffic jam!

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