The Rise of the HFA

baby_flipping_the_birdHas it really been a year?  It seems difficult to believe that much time has passed since one of the most difficult and exhausting yet strangly satisfying weeks I have had in a long time.  I feel like I have known all of you for so much longer, and I guess in a way I have.

So pour yourself a drink my lovely Stinquers, sit around the campfire and let General Homofascist spin you a yarn about the spark that ignited the explosion that hurled us travelers into this little corner of teh internets.

It all started on a Friday.  I was bored at work (sidenote: what the fuck happened to having slow times at work?) and decided to hit Megan up on Google chat.  We had exchanged emails a couple of times but had never spoken/chatted, so I figured I would check in and at least let her know how much I enjoyed her writing.  But we got into a good conversation and soon she was letting me know that all was not well at Brand W. And it was during this chat that I received the following message at 4:19 CST:

Megan: i just got fired from wonkette
And with that, it all began.  I posted on Brand W for people to write me, and over the course of the weekend I had 75 email address.  I was seeing the real names of people I had known from comments, which at first was a bit surreal.  After that I went and played with Blogger, and Homofascist’s Army was born.  I spent the next 7 days doing nothing else, nearly ruined my relationship with Mr. HF, probably would have gotten fired had my boss not been on vacation that week.    I was bringing my laptop to work because I created HFA using my homofascist1 account name (I didn’t know a lot about how integrated the Googles were) and needed to be able to be logged into both accounts at once. Well, and you may remember I posted some rather racy pictures, and I didn’t really want those on my work computer!

When Megan, Greg and Hunter decided to start Cynic’s Party, and invited me to contribute, I was very honored.  And it was fun for a while.  I guess in hindsight I should have known that I would not be a very prolific blogger.  It was SO MUCH WORK.  I couldn’t just whip up a few funny lines and post a picture.  I didn’t really know what I was doing, and frankly I am not the best writer, and it took me a lot of time to do posts (you should have heard poor Greg trying to walk me through HTML).  Once the outrage had settled from Megan’s firing, the words just didn’t flow the same way.  That is the Aries in me – when the passion wanes, so does the interest.  But when that passion is there, it is hard to find a better shit starter, and at the beginning the words just poured out.  It has been fun to go back and read those old posts.  Part of me wishes I could maintain that level of, if I do say so myself, kickass writing.  But part of me is glad that I can’t, as I would do nothing else and end up killing myself from exhaustion.

Before I leave for Washington to watch what happens when teh Hope and teh Crazy collide (and have many drinks with Mellbell and SanFranLefty), I must thank everyone for their friendship and support and for putting up with my unnecessary punctuation in this past year.  And apologize that I won’t be around much this week to share this with you all.  I love where this has ended up, and could not be happier to have been a part of it in whatever small way.  I have enjoyed getting to know so many of you, and if you are ever around The Windy City, I can promise you that the Chicago Stinque Crew can show you a good time.  And to Nojo, thank you for stepping up and keeping this group together.  You truly are Yoda, and I for one appreciate the amazing amount of work you do make this so much fun.

I was also hoping to get together with Megan in DC, but alas she is not returning my emails, so I guess that ship has passed.  It makes me a little sad, but it is what it is.  I think we are all in a better place now.


We few, we happy few, we band of Snarkers;
For he today that shares their snark with me
Shall be my Wonketteer / Cynic Party-er / Stinquer.

I am grateful to you, dear HF, and everyone who has made this community what it is. Enjoy the inauguration.

Toasting you wonderful peeps – and especially you, Consigliere Politica della Gay Mafia, Homofascista – gives me a perfect excuse to start drinking!

RomeGirl: Wait a minute. Homofascist is in the gay mafia? I was told that the business was completely legit. Dammit!

Ha ha – this is the day that HF learned that I was not, as he previously fantasized, a gay man living in the Castro, but instead the world’s best faghag living near the Castro.

Off to the 30th St. station, suckas! I’ve got to catch a train of Hope and Change.

@chicago bureau: Sorry, Chi-Bo. Stinque is a big, gay front.

@RomeGirl: Oooooo – my Gay Roman Mafia title. I like it!

@SanFranLefty: What can I say, you speak the language.

HF – I got my email on Friday also ahead of the general announcement since she liked my comments to AL which I had a great interest in as I was following the Jack Abramoff thing, sent my protest note to her boss (still on strike) and got taken away by the raging flood waters.

Thanks to everyone who was involved in CP and now stique. Something about this place keeps me coming back all day everyday. I spend time thinking about how to describe something to you guys, maybe alter a frame of reference slightly as you have done for me. I like the move to facebook as well. BTW, I knew lefty was a chick from the get go.

@chicago bureau: You should always suspect something when the businesses include waste management and general contracting.

I was away on vacation somewhere, I don’t even know, was it Las Vegas? I came back, went to Wonkette, and wondered what the fuck had happened. Thanks to those who clued me in and brought me to the promised land.

SanFranLefty: Well, you will recall that you thought that I had the gay for the longest time. Umm-hmmm, girl (snapping, rocking head/shoulders stereotypically).

Miss Megan, don’t miss CP, and glad you’re all here.

I think “Hoist That Rag” would make a great anthem.

Wait. HF is gay????

I did not know that.

The revolution took place shortly after I arrived in Orygun, and suddenly in a place where I knew no one I had a bunch of cool friends to hang out with. @chicago bureau: I have to admit, I too thought you were gay. But I hope you know that from two dedicated faghags like SFL and me, that is about the highest accolade a man can receive.

@Mistress Cynica: Wait. I like musical theater, and women. Is that not accoladeable?

But seriously, folks, I happily joined the HFA, I think I was General of the Bodysurfing Division or something, got lost in the woods for a while when the tribe went over to Stinque (was on vacation) until SFL showed me the way. May we live long and prosper.

The Fuck-You-We’re-Leaving-Thread at Brand W should be chiseled into a monument to the glorious homofascist revolution.
I was still trying to be Trotsky, but answered the call to arms and joined the HFA.
I’ve never regretted it.

@Dodgerblue: While that is indeed praiseworthy, you never fooled us for a minute. Please, darling, your very name announces your devotion to Sport. We still adore you, though.

A year… wow… it only seems like a decade or two.

I was checking back in for the inaugural festivities and get the HFA anniversary as a bonus. It was fun to go back and review the revolutionary documents. I believe my crowning contribution was to “out” Jason the night before the CP announcement in this thread.

Hoping to get a bit of a “contact high” from the euphoric Stinque emanating out of Washington tomorrow. May even head down to the Civic Center and snap a few pics at the local west coast version of the party.

I will try to keep my Pautardian cynicism at bay for a day or two, and bask in the glow of the Obamatard irrational exuberance.

@String Bikini Theory: Here, put on this Sarah Palin mask and say something stupid. We’re desperate for trolls.

@String Bikini Theory: You don’t comment often enough. I’ve missed you (in a collegial, wholly platonic, way).

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