It’s Our Anniversary!

If you wanna get anal about it, we have three or four of them — but our Wanderings began the day Homofascist launched his Protest Blog, and to simplify history that’s the date we’re sticking with.

Please stand and cover what passes for your heart with your hand, as we present… um… well, we don’t have an anthem. This will have to do in a pinch.

Good Morning, Ladies & Gentlemen [Homofascist’s Army]

(Update for Our Future Robot Overlords: The now-deleted video was “Look for the Union Label.” If you hear it in the Soylent Factories, the uprising is about to begin.)


You evil bastard. And my morning began so well, too. Now I have to go back to bed and pull the covers over my head. Sleep is out of the question – I may never sleep again – but maybe, if I’m lucky, I might be able to forget.

“Wunnerful, wunnerful. Und now, Betty will join us and sing an old song of zee prairie. A one anna two anna….”

I think our anthem should be “Tale Another Little Piece of My Heart.” And I should sing it.

DEVELOPING: the dead-enders over at hillaryis44 are in rare form now (per 18 January post — no link, because linking to them is EVIL):

Obama’s People are the ones who gambled and lost and now want American taxpayers to pay the bill with “bailouts”.

Obama’s People are the Hopium addled addicts who deride history and ignore Obama’s actions preferring to be lulled by flowery words.

Obama’s People got us into the mess we are in.

Obama’s People will deify and excuse Obama’s lies.

Obama’s People are the mirror image of Bush’s People.

Excuse me while I whip this out: Obama’s People won.

(Yes, yes, PUMAs. I know. I’m a sexist. Here’s 50 cents. Phone a friend. If you have one.)

I actually find myself humming the ILGWU song sometime. Those commercials are a vivid childhood memory. I miss having manufacturing industries in this country.

@RomeGirl: Y’know, we do have a YouTube account. I suggest black leather and jumping onto a bar.

How about the Mighty Mouse theme song as an anthem? It dates back to the 1950’s, not counting Andy Kaufman’s version.

@lentinus, etc: “Free Speech for the Dumb.”

Free speech, free speech for the dumb
Free speech, free speech for the dumb
Free speech, free speech for the dumb
Free fucking speach

@chicago bureau: Linking to Hillary is 44 is not evil. We need some trolls around here, dammit!

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