Guess Who?

“Her political ambition combined with her intelligence is much like putting a jet engine on a golf cart. You don’t know where it is gonna end up.  There’s a lot of horsepower but not a lot of steering capability.”

I think you know the one.  Just in case, there is a hint after the jump:

i luv jebus!

i luv jebus!

Feel stupider?  I thought so.

Countdown:  Sarah Palin’s Drama in Juneau [Crooks & Liars Video Cafe]


Every time I find myself wondering How long can they keep up this shit? they find a new way to top themselves. A satiric projection of where all this is heading would be futile, since their irrationality tops my imagination at every turn.

But still. Really. How long can they keep up this shit? Revolution not good enough? Call for secession! Teenage not-son-in-law countering your TV appearances with his own? Call him out for fame-whoring! Party not marginalized enough? Marginalize it even more!

How long can they keep up this shit? Not that I mind — they’re highly entertaining — but they’re on a Twin Peaks trajectory, and I fear I’m going to be disappointed with their second season.

So much draMah. So much.

The Alaska blogger has a point. It’s not funny when you live there.

God, I hope Palin’s on the GOP ticket in 2012!!! Oh, please, oh, please, oh, please!

Could it be Palin/Bachmann? My brain says no but my heart says yes.

@rptrcub: Feel the heat, baby. Boo yah! (I have no idea what that means but it sounds butch and kinda red-necky)

@Dodgerblue: Probably with the same “jet engine on a golf cart” effect. Power-junky-narcissist-meangirls often take as much pride in their fucking skills as they do in their looks, but they are often deluded as to their actual skill level and wind up doing things like hyper-enthusiastically attempting to suck you off, bobbing and twisting and making all the porn-star moves, while they viciously abrade all the skin off your dick with their shiny white bleached/capped teeth, and they wonder why you aren’t overwhelmed with pleasure.

I just heard a Sarah Palin joke for the first time: Whats the difference between Sarah Palin’s mouth and her vagina? Only half the things that come out of her vagina are retarded.

Can I get a rimshot?

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