I wonder how they will pack so much FAIL into 24 hours?

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The protest organizers were struggling to get the event together. They had originally planned to unload a rented truck filled with a million tea bags into [Lafayette Park], but were stopped by officials because they didn’t have a permit. A woman in charge of the protest announced that the right-wing Competitive Enterprise Institute had generously agreed to display the tea bags at its headquarters a few blocks away. She also said that there were originally supposed to be two stages with events, but the metropolitan police had blocked them from putting a stage on the sidewalk. A woman standing next to me leaned over and said, “That’s big government for you!”

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And check out these patriots:


BONUS D.C. Wankery:

A local think tank, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, said it would allow the dumping of the tea bags in its 12th floor conference room instead. Not quite the same impact, though.

What else could go wrong? Another protest that was planned for the Treasury Department was also scrapped due to permit issues.

How much sillier can it get? Columbia, SC:

[ Flash video not available. ]

Stay tuned. They will bring more stupid, and we will find it for you.

UPDATE: Massive Teabag Turnout in Philly.

Chairman Maobama’ is Leading the Country on a Path to Socialism [Think Progress]

Here’s my contribution to the cause: link.

“Poltical Pirates.” Get a brain, moran.

@Prommie: I almost put that photo up just to reminisce.

@Serolf Divad: Fabulous. I put it in my Facebook for my libertarian cousins to see when they get back from their little tea party. As I am sure they will say, “lowering taxes doesn’t work if you don’t cut spending”. When asked why they weren’t protesting when Bush was cutting taxes for the rich and starting wars, the reply is simply “we should have been”. A very convenient answer, don’t you think?

Sample dialogue at the ten minutes I could stand among the wingnuts:

Me: “So, what’s this all about?”
Nut: “Heh heh, a tea party!”
Me: “Tea party? What’s THAT?”
Nut: “No-bama dude. The tea party. Like the patriots did in Boston”
Me: “Oh.”
Me: “I don’t see any tea. I’ve got a coffee, should I pour it out?”
Nut: “Heh heh. Nah, its not like that. No-bama dude”
Me: “Oh. So where’s the tea?”
Nut: “It’s not like that. No-bama dude”
Me: “Oh. Well, at least you got nice weather for a tea party. Feels like England”
Nut: “Damn straight”

Nabisco, great job infiltrating the teabaggers! That’s you in the white tee, no? Looks like you even put on 40 pounds to better blend in–that’s dedication!

BREAKING: Party’s over!…at least in DC. Apparently, the instructions to maybe not actually lob something over the White House fence didn’t get circulated very well.

I see they put the Paultards in charge of permits and planning. Could there be a blimp in the offing?

Permits? They don’t need no stinkin’ permits!

@Serolf Divad:
You are a rock star.

ADD: I can NOT wait for JNOV’s live update from the Philly teabagging.

@flippin eck: I would’ve gone and checked it out (Lafayette Square is a few minutes’ walk from my office), but The Man work is keeping me down busy.

They’d better not start throwing the Celestial Seasonings, or they’ll get charged with Super-Duper Terrahism.

Never forget!!!!111!!

@SanFranLefty: FSM, I hope she doesn’t get arrested. I admire those of you willing to sacrifice by infiltrating the nonsense, but I think close contact with that much stupidity would make me go Medieval on someone’s ass.
And permits are the first sign of fascism. Or socialism. Or something.

Hey, ya’ll, watch out for the youtube of a female CNN reporter in Chicago confronting a tall teabagger in a mustard raincoat who is holding a baby. The dude is the prototypical paultard, clearly, seriously, high functioning autistic. And what with the autistic tendency to view other people as inanimate objects, he is of course a libertarian.

He nearly strangles the reporter, he is so angry that the bag of skin he views her as is not obeying his desires, but the best part is when his audio system seems to malfunction and he just starts repeating in a high-pitched sound like a european ambulance “I. . I. . I. . I. . .”

Its priceless.

Tomorrow, its back to the IT salt mines.

@Mistress Cynica: Or that you’re salt water flyfishing in Honduras, Belize or the Yucatan.

Mistress Cynica: My God — the reports coming in about how the teabaggers are screaming “fascism” and “socialism.” This is what happens when people stop reading books.

I (speaking as a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, as First Minister of Louis XIII, and as one of the architects of the modern world already) say that these people need to go back to work before some dirty illegal immigrant takes it. It would be a real crying shame if something that ironic happened, you know.

Here he is, spokestard for the paultard wing of the teatard movement:

Over at Brand W they have a picture of two randtard flavored teatards, one holds a sign saying “The name is Galt. John Galt.” The other has a sign that says “Atlas is Shrugging.” WOW.

This makes me understand why so many of the Founding Fathers–whom they so proudly misquote or quote out of context–had reservations about full scale democracy. What would Jefferson do? “Oh, Sally, the Master wishes you to attend to him in his bedroom.”

@Prommie: That video is up in my latest teabagging post. I just love this shit.

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