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i will bring back death by stoningIn case you haven’t noticed, the GOP is fixin’ to rebrand itself.  The last eight years haven’t worked out so well, and now that first cowpoke W has ridden off into the sunset the Republicans plan to pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and start all over again.  So get ready – they’ve formed the National Council for a New America, and it’s going to change everything! And Erick Erickson is psyched because Sarah Palin finally decided to get involved:

For those who were questioning the National Council for New America based on who was not on board, one of the names of those not on board has been Sarah Palin. She is now on board.

What a relief!

Of course, run-of-the-mill GOP douchebags like Cantor and the Psychogeezer would prefer that Palin stay home and never darken their doorway again.  The Mittbot 3000 got all catty this weekend:

On CNN on Sunday, council member Mitt Romney snubbed Palin’s appearance on Time’s 100 Most Influential list: “I think there are a lot more influential Republicans than that would suggest,” he said.

And guess what?  Palin’s atavistic supporters have struck back!

This is going to be fun. Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, and Mark Sanford – they are the purists coming to bayonet the GOP survivors. What a great show this is going to be!


I remember writing a note to the Overlords back in November saying the GOP smackdown would be the story going forward, but the past few months have been wayyyyyyyy beyond anything I could have guessed. Right now it’s gonna be 2014 before they even come close to getting their shit together.

The NCNA, 2009’s answer to a Three Stooges/high society pie fight.

And just to put it in broader perspective: Reagan had a 25-year running start.

Palin/Prejean 2012!!

Woo hoo!!!

Frederick’s of Hollywood is an official sponsor of the Republican Party.

@nojo: And Hitler got his start with the Beer Hall Putsch, which brings to mind a recent GOP pizza party.

Another image: a mouse desperately hitting the lever for pellets, but the machine has stopped working.

That video is pretty lame. Almost makes me want to set up a fake pro-Palin Youtube channel and make some actually funny videos eviscerating Romney. Might as well set up a fake pro-Romney Youtube channel while I’m at it and make some videos eviscerating Palin…

Let’s add a little firewood to this blaze.

Jesus Fucking Christ…

Arlen Specter to NYT: “There’s still time for the Minnesota courts to do justice and declare Norm Coleman the winner.”

Caveat: The quote is for next Sunday’s Times Magazine, and there’s no telling yet whether the interview was before or after the switch. But still.

@redmanlaw: A pizza party has to be the lamest start on the road to totalitarianism on the history of the planet.

@nojo: Wouldn’t surprise me if it was after the switch. He wants to have his cake (re-election) and eat it too (no heavy lifting for anyone else). If Coleman gets in and prevents 60, he probably thinks he’s off the hook with PennDems.

@nojo: Me and JNOV are gonna bring that sucka down. The Pennsyltucky demrats are gonna hang him out to dry, and former Gov and former Terror Alert Czar Tom Ridge may swing into the race on the ‘thugs side.

@Nabisco: You mean Maryland resident Tom Ridge?

Geez, you folks are having more fun than Illinois right now.

@Nabisco: Oh, God. Ridge? Seriously? I’m going to be TRULY pissed if Specter runs unopposed in the primary. I remember the lovely day when Sestak beat that fucktard Weldon. I’d like to see Sestak run for Senate.

BREAKING….Catholic church in Fla. scandalized by Father Cutie, aka Father Oprah. Involves pictures with a woman. Church relieved.

@Nabisco: Relieved indeed – no young boy, no wetsuit, no dildo, no necrophelia, but a living, breathing, over-the-age-of-consent woman.

@Nabisco: Awwww. I love his name, and so what if he was snuggling adults. The Hitler Youth pope will probably take him to task. This is about a big of a deal as Phelps taking bong hits. I swear people are stupid.

@Tommmcatt the Wet Sprocket: It doesn’t happen often enough to GOP politicians. Cocktober sucked, and it’s not gotten any better. I need a Republican sex scandal now. We’ve got a fucking blog to run here.

It’s not a party without Joe “Queer-Fearin” Wurzelbacher. Hell, I would appoint him official spokesperson of the New GOP.

@Serolf Divad: I say we set up a Palin is Jesus site and cite scriptures that prove She is Christ.

@FlyingChainSaw: We need to see her face in a Kit-Kat or a danish or something. Maybe photoshop some stigmata on her, dove shitting sitting on her head or something.

ADD: Start a rumor she cured her kid’s Downs

This rebranding is already an epic fail. McCain, who was once the darling of the center, 10 years ago he was the darling of the media and the only surviving example of a supposedly “moderate,” sane, republican, blew it, and fucked the GOP, when he sold his soul to the bornagains and angry last-ditchers. So many democrats I know wanted him to beat Bush in 2000. But when it was clear that his deal with the devil and embracing of Bush for 8 years had doomed him, he allowed the GOP to be completely, totally taken over by the raving loon angry right when he elevated Palin in his “hail mary” last ditch effort to change the dynamic of the election, and she took over the GOP, as they all watched horrified, McCain became irrelevant out of his desperation to pander to anyone, anything, in his desperate last chance for the presidency.

The GOP has no popular constituency left at all. The corporate oligarchy will continue to support them, the corporate oligarchy controlled media will continue to present the GOP as a real party, but in reality, when you have to try to co-opt a Paultard teabag party to try to make it look like there is anyone left who supports you, thats sad.

They have nothing left but abortion clinic bombers, crazy gun nuts, and, literally, southern confederates still fighting the civil war. Its 25% of the population, but its the dumbest, craziest 25%.

This is playing out slowly, but as of yet, there is no sign of any life.

They are now trying to put some lipstick on the pig of racism and warmongering and theocracy that they have been fucking, they have trotted out some symbolic “sane” republicans to try to tell the public “hey, we fucked the pig, its really not that bad, its ok,” but the general public, the regular old people who aren’t really ideological, except to the extent that they get entranced by bumper sticker slogans now and then, is showing no inclination to join them in fucking that pig.

@Promnight: I have in my gut that McCain was a sort of Manchurian candidate – when he realized his centrism of 2000 hadn’t beaten the George “Did you know McCain has a black baybee” Bush bullshit, he sucked it up for the team as a good former military dude would. But then when the powers that be told him he couldn’t pick JoeLie as his “bipartisan” running mate, he decided in a masochistic way to take the GOP out with him. Srsly. He isn’t dumb. But his pick of Sarah and hagiography of Joe the Plumber has done more to fuck over the GOP in the long term than any baby-killing tax-increasing liberal Democrat could have ever hoped for.

Maybe I’m giving WALNUTS way too much credit. I hope our Arizona correspondent JamieSommers will show us the way on how to read what McCain did.

@SanFranLefty: Holy smokes, I think you are right. He was actually going his mavericky, sorta partisanly non-partisan way with wanting to pick Joe Lie, and that ticket would have been historic, the “bipartisan” aspect, and in the end, every election is decided by which way the relatively non-partisan peoples in the middle are swinging that year; it would have done a lot to get the stink of Bush off of him, too. So when the GOP fucktards in chief all ganged up on him and told him “no way,” he probably knew he was doomed anyway, so he took a chance on the snowbilly.

And she won the election for Obama. You Betcha!

@SanFranLefty, Promisekeeper: Payback for South Carolina in 2000. He laughs his ass off when he’s by himself.

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