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It was the fastest way to get to the All You Can Eat Tempura Buffet.

And the agony of defeat! (Wait for it…)

No, I refuse to play along. My local fishwrap paper runs these on Saturdays, and they always pick the most juvenile, least clever caption possible.

Oh okay: swine flew

Lacking a clever caption, I’m left wondering which species faces extinction when he lands.

@nojo: All I can think of is F = MA. He had to smash through a fence or two.

@nojo: It’ll be like one of those asteroid disaster shows they always play on Discovery (science based) or History Channel (Book of Revelation-oriented). I just watch ’em to see the widespread destruction. Favorite shot: Texas-size explosion and shockwave spreading over the planet as seen from space. Then there’s the dinosaurs: “Huh. Whuzzat? Aieeee!!!!! It burnsssss ……..”

Guilty pleasure: DISH Earth, our home as seen from one of their satellites in geosynchronous orbit sending Robot Chicken and other fine, thought-provoking fare to my living room.

(Today’s geek flag is on the moon, next to an astronaut taking a phone call from Richard Nixon.)

If that is not photoshopped, the caption should be “Holy shit, this is not photoshopped!”

They fly a long distance from those jumps, but most of the way they are quite close to the ground, the jump is designed to project them on a trajectory that parallels the ground falling away beneath them. They are only 10 feet or so above the ground. But if this big hunk of meat falls and starts cartwheeling, I wonder of the different body shape will result in much worse injury.

@Promnight: Nah. He’d just bounce about some. Roll around a little. He’d be fine.

@JNOV: I don’t know, a knee, a shoulder, an elbow, they can take being pounded a bit by a 150 pound body, but when its a 400 pound body, thats gotta smart.

Rush Limbaugh- You been served!

@Promnight: I did a cursory search for a video and found nothing. I suspect a photoshop, but I hold out hope that it’s real.

Nope, it’s a photochop. Check out his left ankle (where’s the rest of his foot?), and the shadow under his right moob.

Gotta be photoshop. Who skies barefoot? Is that even possble?

Chicago Bureau’s diet fails to include ONE RULE which he must OBEY — do not ski jump while on diet.

[P.S. to Jamie Sommers — so sorry about Phoenix losing the Coyotes. Also: losing them to… Hamilton, Ontario?? Proof, again, that Blackberry Runs The World.]

@chicago bureau:
I was hoping Nashville would come to Hamilton. It’s not very far from where I live and I was seriously considering to throw down the Blue/White of Maple L’oafs and become a Predators fan.

It’s my opinion that the L’oafs are the stupidest team in the NHL (yes, ever dumber than the Rangers) and looked forward to a team that wanted to win.


In regards to all of this: Why?

@ManchuCandidate: You could always join us over in Hockeytown.

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