GEORGE: I quit!

PAUL: You can’t quit, you’re fired!

GEORGE: You can’t fire me, I quit!

JOHN: I might quit, too.

RINGO: I’m just waiting to be replaced by Pete Best.

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We don’t know what there is to say that hasn’t been said, that we haven’t said before, and more than once. The verdict came down Friday, and it may have been a shock, but it wasn’t a surprise. Everyone saw it coming, from the start.

People have talked about the judge, about trial procedure, about how the laws themselves are written, and these are all relevant subjects. But they don’t, to our satisfaction, get at the problem here, of which this has been yet another example, but not the thing itself.

So we ended up doing what we’ve done before: Look at voting demographics.

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Anakin: I’m tired of writing essays.

Padmé: But you’re still going to write them, right?

Anakin: (blank stare)

Padmé: But you’re still going to write them, right?

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Back when we were a reporter in McMinnville, Oregon, we covered a dump.

Sorry, landfill. When you’re a reporter, you have to be careful with your terminology.

And not just a landfill, but a new landfill, a landfill that was to go where no landfill had gone before, at least in Yamhill County. Not in anybody’s backyard, but next to some farmland, and a creek. Virgin soil.

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How satisfied were you with your candy?


Not satisfied

Dude, you gave me a rock

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The story coming out of the New Mexico filming location didn’t make sense to us until we read about the assistant director. The AD, if you’re not familiar with the industry or don’t watch DVD extras, actually runs the set. The director may be in charge, but for the crew, the AD’s the Boss.

And the crew was having problems with this one, particularly over gun-safety procedures — to the point there was a walkout Thursday morning, with notices posted to hire replacements.

The problem was that the AD didn’t give a shit.

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1. Candy corn!

2. Piles of leaves!

3. That toy you loved that nobody remembers because they weren’t kids between 1966-1975!

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