Armchair Activism

DUCKY! DUCKY! Did you see that headline? Oh, FUCK! DUCKY! they hate me, DUCKY! THEY HATE ME! How can that be? Booohooobooooohoooo!

Insane Kremlin chew toy Queen FUCKFACE! von CLOWNSTICK! is overwhelmed with depression by the fact that everyone in the universe understands what a twisted treasonous, pathetic piece of owned shit he is and righteously wants him to just go and fucking throw himself off of the 14th Street bridge.

The Washington Post reported this week,  “The media clearly matters to Trump, however. And Trump’s penchant for holding grudges seems to be sucking whatever joy should come with winning the ultimate prize.”




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imagesI like, and got, this app:

A phone app allowing users to identify products used by questionable companies like Koch Industries and Monsanto has generated enough demand to cause problems for the developer, Forbes reported on Tuesday.

“The workload is a bit overwhelming now,” said 26-year-old Ivan Pardo, the developer behind Buycott. “Our Android app was just recently released and the surge of new users today has highlighted a serious bug on certain devices that needs to be fixed immediately. So all other development tasks I was working on get put on hold until I can get this bug fixed.”

Apparently Tito’s vodka has no connection to the Kochs, thank FSM.

You can Facebook it, twatter about it, sign the petition, and even call these assholes:


“State Rep. Jerry O’Neil, R-Columbia Falls, is spooked enough about the country’s fiscal picture to request that his legislative pay come in the form of gold and silver coins.” [Daily Inter Lake, via Political Wire]

“A bill filed Tuesday by Rep. Brad Drake, R-Eucheeanna, would allow for executions by firing squad. HB 325 would eliminate Florida’s standard method of execution, lethal injection, and allow for executions only by electrocution or firing squad.” [Florida Current]

After we very gently mocked the new Gadsden Light Bulb yesterday, our post got picked up in the wingnut Twittersphere. What kind of people rang the bell on the Lefty Attack? Let’s find out!

  • @MikeMunzing, Aliso Viejo, CA: “I’m a Patriotic, Constitutional Reagan Conservative, who loves God & country. I’ll never die on my knees as we take our country back!”
  • @KurtSchlichter, Manhattan Beach, CA: “Big Hollywood et al writer, ex-comic, Desert Storm/OEF (Kosovo) veteran, conservative, and the only right wing civil trial lawyer in LA. And so darn #caring.”
  • @sc_swampfox: “Constitutionalist from Myrtle Beach,SC. Devoted to restoring a constitutional republic. USMC RVN vet. Honor, Courage, Commitment.”

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Our guest columnist is unclear on the concept.

We’re scrappy entrepreneurs who don’t like having the federal government tell us we can’t buy or sell safe, inexpensive incandescent light bulbs. Our light bulbs are made in South Carolina, the same state that gave us the Gadsden Flag.

The Gadsden Light Bulb Company