Queen FUCKFACE! von CLOWNSTICK! Depressed That AMERICA! Isn’t Sucking His Dick Hard Enough!


DUCKY! DUCKY! Did you see that headline? Oh, FUCK! DUCKY! they hate me, DUCKY! THEY HATE ME! How can that be? Booohooobooooohoooo!

Insane Kremlin chew toy Queen FUCKFACE! von CLOWNSTICK! is overwhelmed with depression by the fact that everyone in the universe understands what a twisted treasonous, pathetic piece of owned shit he is and righteously wants him to just go and fucking throw himself off of the 14th Street bridge.

The Washington Post reported this week,  “The media clearly matters to Trump, however. And Trump’s penchant for holding grudges seems to be sucking whatever joy should come with winning the ultimate prize.”




There are assholes, and psychopaths, and twisted pieces of shit who beat their wives, face-eating homeless bath-salts addicts, Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer and Bernie Madoff but no one in the universe has the epic capacity to completely fuck everything up with such unrelenting precision and velocity, leaving no detail or dimension of anything unfucked, moving with increasing speed from portfolio to portfolio, proving his unerring ability to fuck up things that he can’t even pronounce, all the while provoking every cat everywhere to powerchuck themselves into quaking comas.

This is the glory of Queen FUCKFACE! von CLOWNSTICK!

What’s even more glorious is that Queen FUCKFACE! von CLOWNSTICK! knows it.

What is most glorious is that Queen FUCKFACE! von CLOWNSTICK! is incapable of understanding why he is such a complete and utter failure at everything and why everyone righteously and with all due contempt hate this worthless piece of bat shit.

Queen FUCKFACE! von CLOWNSTICK! is, however, capable of despair and deserved self-hatred.

Let’s hope those primitive but useful emotional faculties are enough to inspire Queen FUCKFACE! von CLOWNSTICK! to do the right thing and get rid of himself before he irreparably hoses the country and provokes her death spiral.

As a public service, Stinque presents the follow poll, results of which will be offered to Queen FUCKFACE! von CLOWNSTICK! as suggestions as to how he might remove the blight on AMERICA!’s dignity and history that his PRECEDENCY! has inflicted. Vote early and often:

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Wouldn’t want that rancid shitbag to poison the dawgs, so Melanoma with the sword in the conservatory it is!

@¡Andrew!: Indeed! Honestly, I don’t mind that she’s in NYC. Good for her. I don’t mind that she’s like, First Lady Meh. I’m rooting for her. And as much as Marla Maples got on that one nerve, she did well keeping her kid away from shitbag.

FUCKFACE! von CLOWNSTICK! needs to stop going to Palm Beach and dicking up their economy.

Dude – housekeeping hasn’t been by, and we need to take a nap, and like, can they change the muddy sheets? They’ve only had five hours. I called them when we came back and was like, sorry, but muddy dog jumped all on the bed early this morning, and no one had been here and sorry to be a bother…

Still waiting.

@¡Andrew!: Good point, I went for the gallows. Guillotine would work, too, and be more apropos.

@JNOV: I have not one iota of sympathy for Melanoma. She knew exactly what she was getting in to. Plus her hatred of her whale of a spouse is bleeding the Secret Service & NYPD budgets dry.

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