Buy the Light Bulbs the Founding Fathers Used!

Our guest columnist is unclear on the concept.

We’re scrappy entrepreneurs who don’t like having the federal government tell us we can’t buy or sell safe, inexpensive incandescent light bulbs. Our light bulbs are made in South Carolina, the same state that gave us the Gadsden Flag.

The Gadsden Light Bulb Company

Also the first state to succeed from the Union and that whole Fort Sumter mess.

How is this not sponsored by the Springfield Nukular Power Plant and Montgomery Burns?

Buy our Patriotic Light Bulbs! They burn out quickly so you’ll need more! They burn three times as much energy as those Socialist LED lights!

I ordered 50 because I was hoping each one came with its own baby rattlesnake inside. I was sorely disappointed.

They maybe South Carolina made (probably Aero-Tech), but the Gadsden Light Bubba Co. is out of Tennessee. I’m guessing old stock. Light bulb manufacturers have been perfecting incandescents that will meet the the new federal standards. So the tea bag crowd, in the end, will get to have a new bulb in the same old package.
I actually started using the fluorescent “steering wheel” light in my overhead sockets back in ’82.

@nojo: It’s late, can you explain why this is an offensive attack post?

@SanFranLefty: The post doesn’t take a cheap marketing gimmick with a crappy website at face value. Thus.

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