Meet the Tweeters!

After we very gently mocked the new Gadsden Light Bulb yesterday, our post got picked up in the wingnut Twittersphere. What kind of people rang the bell on the Lefty Attack? Let’s find out!

  • @MikeMunzing, Aliso Viejo, CA: “I’m a Patriotic, Constitutional Reagan Conservative, who loves God & country. I’ll never die on my knees as we take our country back!”
  • @KurtSchlichter, Manhattan Beach, CA: “Big Hollywood et al writer, ex-comic, Desert Storm/OEF (Kosovo) veteran, conservative, and the only right wing civil trial lawyer in LA. And so darn #caring.”
  • @sc_swampfox: “Constitutionalist from Myrtle Beach,SC. Devoted to restoring a constitutional republic. USMC RVN vet. Honor, Courage, Commitment.”

  • @WashingtonDCTea: “Stop OCare Cap & Trade UN FCC AMNESTY! Smaller Government Vote November 06/2012 Vote Out Obama All Democrats! Register to VOTE Join a local Tea Party America!”
  • @searfoss70, Deltona, Florida: “Constitutionalist who loves Glenn Beck…..Question with Boldness, Hold to the Truth and Speak without Fear”
  • @6061, New York: “U S Marine Constitutional conservative ardent supporter of the 2nd amendment & in love with my beautiful Angela proud member #TIOT #TeamInfidel #tcot #ocra”
  • @tahDeetz, Atlanta, Ga: “FReeping harsh logic since … /whenevah/ Go jugular or go home. Molon Labe. I tweet, therefore, I’m Right.”

Hitler hated incandescent lights too!

The It Gets Dumber campaign is really heating up.

Point of clarification: Most folks didn’t retweet the original, but a pickup by Breitbart’s Kurt Schlichter. Schlichter added the following:

Fight the power!

This amuses me to no end, seeing how I control the Fate of the Republic from the Stinque Remote Office (refills only 75 cents!).

Also, if we’re fighting the power, aren’t 100-watt light bulbs a poor choice of weapons?

RML: “Gun-owning, game killing, reproducing church-married liberal headbanger engaged in fighting the Republican Party since 1980.”

@nojo: Sorry, I can’t fight the power today. I have nothing to wear.

@Benedick HRH KFC: Aaaaand the Internet goes to Benedick! Ding ding ding ding!!!!

Meanwhile, on Tumblr:

Conservative blog, Stinque shills for Gadsen Lightbulb Company with “buy the light bulbs the founding fathers used.” Tell me that’s tongue-in-cheek. Please.

I honestly can’t tell whether that’s serious, or too meta by half.

Update: Stinque responds

It’s a matter of historical fact that the Founding Fathers didn’t use CFLs.

Update II: Tumblr rewritten…

A correction and apology is in order for the folks at Stinque. They were being tongue-in-cheek.

Sorry guys!

Darn. Liked the original better.

@ManchuCandidate: Dammit, it’s Friday afternoon of a three-day weekend. Nobody’s retweeting him.

Who knew light bulbs were such a hotbutton political topic?

@IanJ: Oh, they are. I’m doing this from memory, so I may be missing a fact…

1. Teabaggers are up in arms over the new federal lightbulb-efficiency rules.

2. Teabaggers mistakenly think that the feds are banning all incandescent bulbs, when in fact the feds are requiring stricter energy standards for them. (Thus, my “60 watt” Sylvanias are really 57 watts.)

3. South Carolina teabaggers have discovered a loophole where bulbs manufactured in-state don’t have to meet the regulations — as long as they aren’t sold out-of-state.

4. Gadsden Bulb Dude is from Tennessee, but he’s marketing light bulbs from SC. He’s using another loophole that excuses “rough use” bulbs from the regulations.

Short version: This is bigger than survivalist food!

@JNOV: Too late. He apologized, and rewrote the Tumblr post. Darn.

@nojo: Yes, but this can still have legs. And your page views just jumped by at least 20. Beer, please.

@JNOV: Twenty hits might buy you a stick of gum.

@nojo: Yeah, yeah. Got links going to three pages. Check your referring stats tomorrow.

@nojo: Well, I picked up some followers at least. One claims to write for Bibi:

Michael Prell
Writer for Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu, author of book endorsed by Tea Party Patriots {featuring Krauthammer + Bachmann} (click for free download)


@nojo: And…

jaboss1969 Follow the Stinque – Wanted to take a minute to thank the kids at for roping me into Gadsen…

DERP. That’s your RT, but, still…

It’s these people who frightened me into changing my user name, but the ones on the other thread are pretty scary too.

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