Michael Patrick Leahy is Not a Member of Some Alien Race of Lizard People

Our guest columnist is the Citizen Media Law Project, writing on Gadsden Light Bulb entrepreneur and Twitter fetishist Michael Patrick Leahy.

Michael Patrick Leahy, author and founder of “Top Conservatives On Twitter,” filed a lawsuit against blogger Stephanie Grasmick, Twitter user “Duke St. Journal,” and 25 anonymous Twitter users for libel, false light invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and tortious interference with contract.

Leahy, who appears to be handling the case himself, asserts that Grasmick posts on Twitter under the name StephanieInCA and is the operator of Teablogging, a site created “to chronicle the lead-up to the April 15 conservative hysteria Tax Day Tea Parties and to serve as a central repository for low-brow teabag-related sex jokes.” His four-count complaint alleges, among other things, that Grasmick libeled him in a blog post on May 13, 2009, in which she falsely stated that he is:

  • a “major tax fraud”;
  • a “delusional profiteering creep”;
  • an “insane clown”; and
  • a “member of some alien race of Lizard People.”

Compl. (First Cause of Action) ¶¶ 1-5. Leahy also claims that Grasmick and Duke St. Journal repeated these false statements on Twitter.

Leahy also asserts a claim for false light invasion of privacy, although the conduct he complains about is more properly characterized as a claim for publication of private facts: the disclosure of his “residence in Williamson County, Tennessee.” Compl. (Second Cause of Action) ¶ 1.

In addition to monetary damages, Leahy claims he is “entitled to see the complete records of all Facebook communications and telephonic commuications between Grasmick and her 283 Facebook friends, as well as public and private messages sent by Grasmick to those 469 persons she follows on Twitter, in order to determine the identity, if there is such, of any additional defendants who should be named in this complaint.” Compl. ¶ 18.


May 22, 2009: Dispute resolved by mutual accord. Leahy reported on his blog that “Grasmick has agreed to remove the false and misleading word from the headline of her May 13, 2009 blogpost which caused me to file a libel suit against her on May 18, 2009. I, in response, have withdrawn my complaint against her.” Grasmick confirmed the agreement and removed the word “fraud” from her previous blog post.

Leahy v. Grasmick [Citizen Media Law Project, May 2009]

Conservative Twitter Guy is Teased, Brings Lawsuit [Village Voice, May 2009]


Someone’s having way too much fun.

He’s touchy like a Lizard Person.

Why, why, WHY am I seeing Glenn Beck’s face in the not-MSNBC ad? I thought he was off the air for good? Why are you doing this to me?

@JNOVjr: Because I’m not quite tired of it yet. Maybe after I’m done upgrading the server tomorrow.

@JNOVjr: What the hell is that thing? A bee?

(Yes, he’s in the next room. Bitch at will.)

@nojo: I’d appreciate it. I think I’ve already had enough therapy for one lifetime.

@JNOV: You’re right. I mean, you did make me check out your ass today. Can I borrow some money to pay the doctor?

@JNOVjr: Okay, Glenn’s gone. Or will be soon enough.

@nojo: Huzzah! Thank you, sir. Also, I believe the mother wishes everyone to know that it “wasn’t like that and [I] know it!”

these people frighten me. hence, new user name henceforth

@nojo: So easy for you and those mean New Yorkers to shed Beck, with a click of a button or well placed epithet. I see tonight on local news he is renting a $20k a month house in North Ft.Worth. He quipped with Gubner Dickhead he may run for gubner of Texas himself.
Thanks a lot New York. You get marriage, we get shit.

@texrednface: $20k a month? Does it have two bathrooms?

What? They didn’t have any Sleestaks? You need a Sleestak.

@Benedick HRH KFC: 7.5 bathrooms.
The home is in the same gated community as the Jonas Bros. folks.
His electricity bill is going to be more than the rent. We are on track for the hottest summer since 1980 when we had over 100 degree heat 46 days in a row and for a few days in a row the temp got over 113. And this is not Arizona dry heat, this is oppressive humid suffocating mind numbing heat. That pasty dough boy is going to burn baby burn.

That is a creature from Star Trek, the one alien that appeared in the series that Capt. Kirk did not pestork.

@FlyingChainSaw: It’s a Gorn, filmed down the hill from one of my previous World Domination Headquarters.

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