Stinque Victimizes Patriot Light Bulb Company!

Why, yes, that’s a link to our post! And if we understand the Rules of Internet Engagement correctly, if we keep the feud going, everybody wins!


I, for one, am firmly against all choices.

Oooooh, Big Fish. From his Big Journalism bio:

Michael Patrick Leahy is based in Nashville, Tennessee. The author of Rules for Conservative Radicals, Newsmax Magazine has said he “is widely recognized as the first activist to call for [and organize] actual tea party protests.”

As the co-founder of Top Conservatives on Twitter (#tcot), Leahy organized the conference call of activists on February 20, 2009 that launched the Tea Party Movement the day after Rick Santelli’s famous rant on CNBC. On that call, along with Christina Botteri and Stacy Mott of Smart Girl Politics, and Eric Odom of Dontgo, he organized the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition, which sponsored the first simultaneous nationwide tea party protests held in 50 cities and attended by 30,000 tea party protesters on February 27, 2009.

Pleased to meet you, Mr. Leahy. Come back soon for more victimization, y’hear?

Heyyy, wait a minnit. Since when does pointing out the idiocy of politicians make one a “lefty?” As a gun owner, private pilot, motorcyclist and multi-thousandaire*, I will not be told what my political leanings should be.

* If I sell everything I have and it’s worth more than $2000, that makes me a multi-thousandaire right?

As near as I can tell Michael Pleahy wrote a book about a light bulb on death row. It brings to mind the light bulb death scene in the prison cell in the movie The Longest Yard. (1974)

Quick, somebody say something nasty about Trig Palin. We need the Google ad money to make up for Amazon.

@nojo: Trig Palin doesn’t share his toys with the other kids at socialist day care.

ADD: BozoGate, BOZO-GATE, Bozo-Gate Christine Delaware, Bozo LadyBug Virgin, Virgin Bozo Christine Saint Delaware

…oh I’m tired, someone else on Left Coast time help a sister out.


Make it so!

ADD: Is that going too far, do you think? I’m awfully unhappy with them.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: Wait, is that substantially different than a typical Tommmcat weekend night out? Except without the Tea Party bits, I mean.

Those light bulb guys are ripping off Metallica!

Spinal Tap confronts Metallica for putting out album with black cover.

Are guitar amps tubes still mainly from Russia? Does making the retro light bulb make us the Russia of light bulbs? Why do the light bulb guys want us to be Russia?

how many teatards do it take to screw in a light bub?

Yeah, I totally hate freedom of choice. Things I especially hate are the freedom to have control over reproduction through choice of birth control methods or the freedom to terminate a pregnancy. I absolutely hate that, and someone needs to do something about it. It’s too fucking confusing and too much for my feeble mind.

I also hate the prospect of having a public option when it comes to choosing a health insurance provider. That’s just going too far and sure to overload my wee brainz when I’m faced with that competition thing I’ve heard so much about. We all know that competition is bad.

I also hate fundamental freedoms like the freedom to marry whom you choose should that person be of another race, religion, creed, nationality or even a member of the same sex or gender. Geist! I hate, hate, hate the prospect of people living openly and freely when it comes to whom they love.

I especially hate it when people are allowed to speak their minds (such that they are) no matter how stupid/racist/xenophobic/spiteful/misogynistic/mysandristic they sound or are.

And now we’ve got this light bulb issue. It’s a fucking slippery slope. Soon they’ll tell me I can only have vanilla ice cream manufactured by Turkey Hill. Then what?

I need this light bulb as a symbol of my allegiance to the cause of non-conformity.

I need this light bulb to demonstrate that I care not a whit about global warming and that I am willing to wrap myself in patriotism® any time I can use it to show a profit .

@redmanlaw: You can get new old stock RCAs and the like for mucho $$$ or, if you’re a Marshall fan, new old stock Mullards for a small fortune. Given how the Brits make cars, it’s surprising they made such good vacuum tubes, or “valves” as they call them.

What this light bulb needs is a Brawndo-style commercial!

Bonus fun: this (warning: teahadi idiocy) was the “promoted video” on the page – apparently somebody PAID to associate a GOP propaganda video with an Idiocracy promo.

Is the Gadsden Flag teabaggers fly based on the flag America’s nascent Marine Corps and Navy flew or is it based on the flag flown over Jericho, Kansas to replace the Allied States of America flag in the finale of the fantasee teevee show Jericho?

@texrednface: Who the fuck cares?

Also, too, I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the idea of a group of people who constantly shriek about “the nanny state” and “the evils of regulation” but who at the same time seek to regulate all kinds of private behavior that is none of their fucking business.

Other than that, carry on.

@texrednface: i mean no offense here, but i once encountered a proud oklahoman sporting an “i’ll mess with texas” t-shirt. he was big enough to get away with it in tennessee anyway. that motivates me to create an “i’ll tread on you” t-shirt featuring a mongoose taking down a rattlesnake or whatever serpent they’ve adopted.

Why so sensitive wingnut?

I thought big tough contards could handle a few snide comments from wussy libruls.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: Get government out of your life to make room for the church.

@jwmcsame: Barista tee at the Stinque Remote Office today…

Front: Outline of Oklahoma.

Back: “Cows are for tipping.”

@jwmcsame: I made a couple of answer bumper stickers for the ubiquitous Gadsden flag stickers I see everyfuckingwhere…

Yellow sticker with snake logo on left and the following on the right:

“Tea parties are for little girls”

“Get the shotgun–It’s snake killin’ time.”

“You think that’s tea? We know it’s Kool-Aid.”

“Check your shoes–You’ve just tread in a steaming pile of Limbaugh”

“Tea Party: Ignorant Fools & Corporate Tools.”

None are installed as of yet, so my car remains un-keyed….

@pinkoscum: Awesome. My favorite is the “We Know it’s Kool-Aid” one.

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