You Had Us At Mayo

Well, the embedded video was working, and then it wasn’t, and we’re too busy victimizing patriot light-bulb companies to find a replacement, so just click through to Popular Science, or, better yet, throw an M80 down their toilet for putting us through this.

Fireworks + Explodables + Ultra-High Speed Phantom HD Camera = The Best Fourth of July Video [Popular Science, via Nerdist]

Fairly unrelated: Ohio has just rolled back the “No concealed-carry in bars or restaurants that serve booze” rule.

While I always thought it was a fairly silly rule, the commentary from the legislative sponsors of the rollback has been bizarre. One of them was on the radio this morning asserting that now he can, “protect his family while they’re out at dinner”. WTF kind of bizarro old-West version of reality does this guy live in? Ohio’s a fairly boring place, so I’m pretty sure we’d have heard if there were people regularly going Honey-Bunny and Pumpkin on Applebees; if we have legislators who seriously worry about needing to use deadly force at every meal, they need therapy not a carry permit…

Woo Canada City Day! Wooo!

/Goes back to sleep/

This is what happens when I go to bed early. Fun breaks out on the interwebs and I am not here!

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