David Prosser Defends Himself Against Aggressive Microphone

Bonus detail: It’s the local Fox affiliate.

Prosser Grabs Reporter’s Microphone, Quickly Hands It Back [TPM]

The contrast between Prosser’s conduct and that of his colleagues is what makes this most damning. It costs you nothing to politely decline comment, which most judges approached by news crews do.

That microphone was totally coming at him, though. He just grabbed it out of the reporter’s hand in self-defense.

@mumbly_joe: He saw a man pointing a smooth but firm appendage at him in a dark hallway and just did what came naturally.

Who can blame him, really?

(I’ve swapped in a YouTube version of the video, since the original is so fucking annoying to load.)

The reporter should have asked him if the stranglehold was something his wife enjoyed. You’ve got a psycho like this, why not enjoy prodding him with a stick and see what he does?

@FlyingChainSaw: Indeed. The reporter should have told Prosser what a magnificent ass he has when Prosser turned his back to him in the elevator.

“Back dat azz up, Yo Honor!”

Pft, that reporter is lucky Prosser didn’t choke him.

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