And the Golden Vuvuzela Nominees Are…

The World Cup has come to an end.

It was a great five weeks, and we’re all relieved that it’s coming to an end, for no other reason than increased productivity around our offices.

In the right-hand column, there is a poll where you can vote for the recipient of the Stinque Golden Vuvuzela for Hottest  Hottie of the World Cup.

In the words of LBJ, Vote Early, Vote Often.

Reminders of who the nominees are, listed in alphabetical order…

Jonathan Bornstein, USA

Argument For:

Great defensive skills, UCLA graduate, Member of the Tribe, blogger, those eyes.

Argument Against:

Performance in World Cup left a lot to be desired.

Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero, Spain

Argument For: He shut out goals in numerous games, leading to and including the championship game; El Beso.

Argument Against: Still seems silly that Spain’s loss to Switzerland was blamed on Sara Pastasauce.

Tim Howard, USA

Argument For: Great saves, no apparent annoyance despite commentators mentioning his Tourette’s every 5 seconds.

Argument Against: Sloppy ball-handling in a couple of games.

Paul the Psychic Octopus, Germany

Argument For: Correctly predicted the outcome of all of Germany’s games as well as the World Cup final.

Argument Against: The rubbery consistency.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal

Argument For: Those abs, those shoulders, that face; rumored to secretly be a Friend of Dorothy.

Argument Against: Lackluster performance at the tournament; team’s early exit.

Wesley Sneijder, Netherlands

Argument For: Strong captain of the runner-up team; nice ears

Argument Against: Didn’t display the greatest of sportsmanship in failing to tell his teammates to tone down the ugly hacking on the Spaniards.

Isaac Vorsah, Ghana

Argument For: Captain of the team that carried the hopes of an entire continent into the semi-finals; that chest.

Argument Against: His team needs to work on penalty kicks.

[poll id=”102″]

The formatting of the fotos is for shit, sorry.

Update: Thanks, Noje!

@SanFranLefty: Let’s see if we can tidy that up a bit.

@ManchuCandidate: Well, did you vote for him yet?
I think he’s going to run away with the Golden Vuvuzela, tentacles down.

Lee Ranaldo? Wesley Snipes?

I’ll go with Mr. Eight Arms to Hold You.

I really want to go for Paul but Cristiano had me at the abs.

Cristiano Ronaldo. Are you people insane? Look at those lips.

Put me in a room with any of these hawt’n sweaty fine gentlemen, and I’d be happier than a gay octopus at a boner buffet.

We can only vote once?? Wuuuuuuuuuut?!

@Original Andrew: I think if you log in and log out you’ll be able to vote multiple times. Plus on your home and work computers.

I also voted for Sr. Casillas, though I have a soft spot for the two Yanks.

@SanFranLefty: Close, but not quite: the poll drops a cookie on you, so you can’t vote twice with the same browser.

Those of us with three browsers and two iGadgets get five votes.

@nojo: IE, Firefox, Chrome x 2 PCs laptops (3 if you count Son of RML’s) + Mrs RML’s iSmug. Let the ballot stuffing begin!

Jeez, I may just have to open up IE on my computers simply to spread my Vuvuzela love around. (And 3,000 new viruses that Microsoft hasn’t yet come up with a patch to fight said viruses).

We can’t vote on Stinque.Mobile with the iPhone/Crackberry, verdad?

@SanFranLefty: Stinque on the BB is such a pain. The mobile version won’t let me read or make comments . . . ah, I see . . . it is all part of Nojo’s eeevil plan . . .

@SanFranLefty: @redmanlaw: You have to use that switch at the bottom of the Mobile page to switch to the desktop view. Since the poll’s in a sidebar, it doesn’t feed the Mobile, and I haven’t gotten around to dealing with it like the recent comments.

Oh. Wow. This is really, really awesome! Ears vs. lips vs. eyes vs. hopes and dreams…

Damn. May I have them all? Except for that cephalopod mollusk. He looks shady.

@nojo: I do go to desk top to read comments and I think I may have commented in that mode. Don’t need a vuvuzela button for the most part while out and about.

@nojo: Good to know for maximum ballot-box stuffing.

@redmanlaw: The buttons are Flash, so they don’t work on mobile browsers anyway. (Well, maybe a few Android models with the very latest update.) I looked into a mobile-friendly HTML5 version a week back, but my eyes glazed over.

@JNOV: Umm, missy, your Dutch boyfriend Wesley “Ears” Sneijder is currently at -1% in the polling.

@SanFranLefty: I still haven’t voted! I can’t decide! The story of my life…

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg:

are you MAD, my friend? *I* can open my mouth as big as ronnie, ask anyone. will you look at the LIPS on our very own jonny B?
i’m printing him to take to a plastic surgeon!

and where is that Walking Still? i liked you anyway, then you went and invoked The Name: GEORGE CARLIN. stick around !!

@REDS re feeling the hate
the first time…was driving from philly to miami to be a freshman at the U. they took away my 442 and put me in a PINTO because it was safer. yeah, the one that exploded. I95 hadn’t been completed, and we broke down on a road at 3 a.m. in rural georgia. my traveling companion, harry, and i found a bates motel open. before we walked in, harry tells me to take off the star of david hanging around my neck..a grad gift from my grandfather. i said, you’re kidding, right? no, he wasn’t.
the next time…i lied about being jewish in order to gain a big account from a nazi when i was a legal loan shark. i mentioned this at a family dinner. crickets, gaping, forks dropped. i am not a religious person, but that does not stop the hating. and it’s why it’s a sore spot. and i MUST directly apologize to karen marie…i flew off the handle at what i read to be a scathingly uninformed attack on israel. listen, i really don’t care about israel. i care much more about otters, brown pelicans, and sea turtles. it is scary to be hated for no good reason. again…i’m sorry, truly.
can you imagine if she had said “gays suck” around here? i won’t sit still either when broad brush hateful things are said. i’m atoning and super sensitive because i have denied who i am through accident of birth.
anyone relate to that?

and HOWDY…your “us” is my “us”
i bore the seed of a criminal defense lawyer to have one on retainer…something i really need, so, no worries there.

and now i go pass out, the damn dog has me up all night and despite tremendous commitment on my part, will NOT pee and poop outside.

and also StinqueSport

I FINALLY WON A SCRABBLE GAME !!! /beats breast. crows.

this is how it goes: Lefty almost always wins. the battle is almost always between me and the Dodger for place. he almost always comes out of nowhere and gets me on my knees, where i do great work. i like to think of myself as the bullet on their asses that keeps them in 5th gear. i almost never win. the games are almost always close.
very exciting…it’s geektaculous

i’m racking them up Lefty and Dodger…ready to rumble?

I can’t believe you guys voted for that fucking octopus. Straight men rule the world.


They learn. Thor learned almost by himself. Just kept moving the poo outside and showing it to him.

@baked: “and where is that Walking Still?”

I hope to stick around. I’ll be a little eccentric in posting due to work constraints.

@JNOV: Paul rules (straight men only think they do)!


Bestiality aside, imagine the possibilities.

@JNOV: I thought for sure that Sara Carbonero would get their votes. I originally had Sara & Iker paired up as a couple but Nojo put them in separate categories. I’m a little surprised about Bornstein being in second place, I thought for sure it’d be Casillas or Ronaldo. (or Sara Pastasauce).

Seriously. I’m still not over this…

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