Let’s Go Dutch with our Soccer Hottie

European powerhouse teams such as Germany, France, and England are collapsing. The workaday Dutch continue their systematic move forward in the World Cup play.

Today’s World Cup Hottie of the Day is a product of the Ajax training factory recently profiled in the New York Times, plays for Inter Milan, and scored today’s goal in the 1-0 defeat of Japan.

Meet Wesley Sneijder.

A little young-looking, but he’s today’s Hottie!


A friend of mine with Dutch-born parents (her Mom was interned by the Japanese during WWII, but that’s another story) says: “If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much.”

He needs to lose that orange shirt. It’s clashing with my brain.

@Dodgerblue: I grew up hearing this a lot. But my grandpa never said it because he’s pretty insistent that my family is actually Fresian, not Dutch.

@karen marie: Obviously, you haven’t seen their kneesocks yet. Hup, Holland, hup!

@flippin eck: “The Frisian origins are obscure” says Wikipedia. Same for a lot of us.

@Dodgerblue: True. My grandpa also used to say the Fresians were cannibals and the last people of Europe to be civilized, but strangely enough Wikipedia doesn’t back that up. They do have one extremely weird-ass sport to lend him some credibility though.

@flippin eck: In a life of international mystery travel, the Dutch have always been my favorite nationality. I just love that accent.

Here’s Mayanti Langer, in the pre-game to the Dutch-Japan match. I wish I had caught her pronouncing Wesley Sneijder “Man of the Match”, because she really needed her pneumothorax to get that out.

@JNOv: right! You used to get little ceramic Dutch houses with liquor in them, in business class. Plus, the waitresses in the sky were always very attentive to the needs of my sweet carry-on kitteh.

@Nabisco: Business class? First class? What are these things that you and FCS have mentioned recently? I know nothing of these things. All I know is that I’m lucky to be flying with my knees wedged under my chin rather than walking or floating on a raft.

@JNOV: let’s just say that the current gig doesn’t treat me nearly as well as the original one did.

Oh: France’s team has ditched today’s practice. And the head of the national federation has resigned. In shame, he says.

Taking a sledgehammer to the self-destruct button, they are.

@chicago bureau: But Italy ekes out a draw against the fookin Kiwis?

How awesome would it be if we end up with either DPRK v. ROK, or Argentina v. Brazil? I still think it’s gonna be Argentina v. Germany, winner takes all the war criminals diaspora back.

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