An Evening at the Fox Improv

Hilarity ensues when New York Post columnist Kirsten Powers is invited to race-bait the New Black Panther Party on Fox News — but forgets the script she was handed before the segment!

Megyn Kelly Flips Out At Fox Contributor In Effort To Push Faux Scandal About New Black Panther Party [ThinkProgress]

Outstanding. I like watching them squabble like children. Sometimes sharks do eat their own.

Kirsten, get with the program. You need to howl sieg heil on cue. That’s why you get the stipend to appear.

Actually, why don’t they just go get the guy from New Hampshire and put him on a panel with Ted Nugent and the guy from Storm Front and go bonkers spraying the roof of the studio with automatic weapons fire and howling ecstatic testimonies to the glories of white power? I mean when the fuck is Fox News going to go for it?

Wow, made it 52 whole seconds. A new record for me.

Fox trains them on 3 or 4 talking points, then sets them loose. Facts? Feh. Studies have shown (forget where I saw it) that confronting wingnuts with facts makes them dig in deeper. Our species is finished.


They’ve got to save *something* for the next couple years. Tease the teabaggers, so to speak.



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