The 2011 Stinque Awards

If we were to sum up 2011 in a word, and since “malaise” is legendarily, if not factually, taken, we would choose miasma, which our StinquePad dictionary calls “an oppressive or unpleasant atmosphere that surrounds or emanates from something”. It’s not any one thing that sucked. Everything sucked. To find out how much, visit any of our linked award presentations below.

Award Nominees
Opening Ceremonies Technical Awards for Nice People
Le Prix Trudeau for Best Un-American Activity Julian Assange
European Union
Bernard-Henri Lévy
Tokyo Electric
Eminence Grease for
Most Evil Organization
American Legislative
Exchange Council

Bank of America
The Nation’s Mayors and Selected University Administrators
Penn State
U.S. House of Representatives
Platinum Pampers for
Best Sex Scandal
Herman Cain!
Christopher Lee
Anthony Weiner
Potassium Propeller Beanie for Respected Irrationality in Public Life Charles Krauthammer
David Gregory
Paul Ryan
Newt Gingrich
Bronze Batshit for Wackiest Republican Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann
Herman Cain!
Jon Huntsman
Rick Perry
Mitt Romney
Golden Anal Pear for Asshole of the Year Joe Arpaio
Newt Gingrich
Tim Tebow
Barack Obama
Crystal Douchebag for Lifetime Achievement Newt Gingrich
Rupert Murdoch
Grover Norquist
Donald Trump