Le Prix Trudeau for Best Un-American Activity

We begin, as is the custom, with Foreign Entanglements, since nobody will wait all day if we save it for the end. And despite our reputation as Exceptional Americans, we do care about the rest of the world — as long as the rest of the world doesn’t try to drop Anchor Babies on us.

The nominees are: Julian Assange, who built an institution for the sole purpose of undermining it; the European Union, which will not rest in their quest to take the world down with them; Bernard-Henri Lévy, who defended Dominique Strauss-Kahn on the grounds that chambermaids are inherently untrustworthy, and, as we all know, Gentlemen Don’t Do Perp Walks; Tokyo Electric, whose efforts to create a real-life Godzilla went horribly awry; and Uganda, which continues to debate whether gay people have a right to live.

And the winner is…

Tokyo Electric. What can be worse than an earthquake and a tsunami? Now we know.

Next hour: Eminence Grease for Most Evil Organization

The 2011 Stinque Awards

I like Europe. I like euros. I think it’s a great idea and once they get it together look out.

It seems there was more to the DSK case than a trial lawyer’s bluster.

Uganda’s the tip of an iceberg which would seem to have been launched by American evangelicals.


And the tip is the most sensitive part.

Uganda is certainly just the start, but American evangelicals are working hand in hand (hand in glove? hand in pants?) with local evangelicals who are every bit as dangerous. It would not surprise me, though it would scare me, to see some batshit crazy theocracies come into play in Africa.

They would fit in well with the Republican party.

@Benedick: Of course there’s more to DSK/BHL, but I had to limit my blurbs. (There’s a lot more to the Euro story, for that matter.) And, well, Tokyo Electric was a lock. Because…

The Uganda law hasn’t passed, but remains a bill. (Never mind the other nasty things happening there; it’s the bill which has garnered attention.) Even with evangelicals messing around, it’s still a bill. Pass the bill, and it’s a different story.

The Japanese are going to be living with Tokyo Electric’s misfeasance (or malfeasance, depending on your taste) for a long time. Shit happened, and that kind of shit doesn’t go away. You can rebuild after a quake or tsunami, and that fact is built into Japanese culture. Nuclear disasters are another matter entirely.

@nojo: Clearly I’m not up to speed.

@Walking Still: Hmm. What’s a good way for an ambitious politician/hungry preacher to get ahead in a country crushed by corruption, poverty, lack of education, and basic services? I know! Blame the gays! It worked so well in the States!

@Benedick: Well, I had to look up a few things…

And, of course, all judgments are up for debate. But they are considered. That’s the fun part.

@Walking Still (meant to reply to Benedick, but I don’t know how to edit for that):

They are well past just blaming the gays.

In addition to the legislation that Nojo mentions, the Uganda Anglican/Episcopal church is actively seeking to push for a schism in the American Episcopal church over gay rights.

The goal, at a minimum, is to gain control over U.S. congregations that aren’t happy with the trend towards gay rights in the Anglican/Episcopal communion. How far it goes beyond that power/money grab remains to be seen.

All that said, going back to Nojo’s points, I see the logic on giving the award to TEPCO based on recent/current performance. Going with Uganda is betting the come a little bit. However, I give bonus points for vile intentions.

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