Stinque Recipe Challenge

Cornish game hens – the recipe turned out very tasty, but it’s easier to just put lemon and thyme in the cavity and bake them.


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Gersh gurndy morn-dee burn-dee, burn-dee, flip-flip-flip-flip-flip-flip-flip-flip-flip.“Sweden’s IKEA stopped nearly all sales of meatballs at its furniture store cafeterias across Europe after tests in the Czech Republic on Monday showed some contained horsemeat.” [Reuters]

Last Sunday my Thanksgiving corned beef went into the brine:

and today it came out:

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Changing it up this year – corned beef for Thanksgiving:

Brining 4.5 days instead of the recommended 6-7 as I had a bad experience brining a pork loin for more than a day. Also, used 1/4 cup less salt, and adjusted spices because this is a 2.5 pound brisket, not 8 or 10 pounds. Recipe after the jump.

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It’s Julia Child’s Steak Diane – two New York strips pounded to within an inch (more like half an inch) of their lives, marinated in smashed green peppercorns, olive oil, and a bit of soy, and finished in a sauce that turned out very well:

One of the great things about this dish is you can pound and marinate the steaks even the day before, refrigerate them, and cook them tableside the next day. Bon appetit!

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Our own Christine on Italian TV:

Lasagna – started out vegetarian, but bought the wrong portobello mushrooms so some sausage went in. Enjoy:

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