Our own Christine on Italian TV:


This is such a simple and delicious dish – do my own version a couple times a month.

I need a bain marie. I want to eat this right now.

@Mistress Cynica: Headed to Zabar’s tomorrow to buy one so I can make the dish properly.

Will a bain marie acquire my house, fire me, and outsourse/offshore my kitchen?

It comes up with subtitles on my blog, but I have no idea how to make it come up with subtitles all the time. Hopefully you can follow it – let me know if anybody has any questions! I miss you guys SO MUCH.

I got the subtitles on my Dell. I think Mrs RML the vegematarian might like this. Thx to Rome Girl.

Also reading this morning: diagnosis and treatment of hiking injuries, toxic dog treats from China and whether federally funded tribal schools can charge tuition to non-Indians. Off to the gym for some non-impact cardio after a handful of asprin. Think I’ll go to the indoor shooting range later today, do some yardwork, and squeeze in some hours to make up for yesterday when I was brain dead. On the road again tomorrow.

Best FB post today: the wife of the New Mexico law school dean kilt a rattlesnake in her driveway in Albuquerque yesterday.

Subtitles also showed up here on my Mac. I made a bastardized version last night (I softened the butter in the microwave. I’m sorry.) and it was delicious. Ordered a bain marie from amazon so I can make it properly. I’ve been loving your blog lately, btw.

@RomeGirl: HAY! Hope your ppl on the island are safe. We have no power. Shingles, tumble weaves, broken glass, fallen trees everywhere.

Using the last of my phone battery to send my love. LOVE!

@RomeGirl: subtitles appear here – and had NO idea you were so fluent in Italian. Buono! (?)

@JNOV: Using the last of my phone battery to send my love.

I bought one of those Red Cross hand-crank radios soon after Bloggy mentioned it, and sure enough, we had a major blackout that week. Gave me a chance to try out the radio’s USB power feature: iPhone goes dead, crank-crank-crank-crank, iPhone goes dead again, crank-crank-crank-crank…

@nojo: The total damage to my apartment from Irene was 1/4 cup water that came under the A/C unit in the bedroom. The radio saw no use other than my cranking the phone to see if it really worked.

I made a half-assed version of the dish and Mrs RML loved it. I should actually learn to make it and score the proper cheeses so it don’t turn into mac and cheese.

No legal work today, but I did fire off 300 rounds of .22, 9mm, .38 and .357 mag at the indoor range today. The gym was great and Mrs RML dragged my cranky pre-nap ass to Sears for a new fridge. After shopping, I fired up the grill to make a NY strip, lamb chops and salmon (different people eat different stuff), plus asparagus, corn on the cob and potato wedges. Chillin with sorbet and the Sinatra channel. Martinis will flow after dark.

@nojo: I definitely need one of those. We have another line of storms coming through later, and my phone keeps me updated with the Weather Underground and their alerts. I ended up keeping it plugged into my computer and drained that battery, bc we had no internet anyway.

So, we’re about to batten down the hatches. All the clean up I did today will be strewn across the neighborhood again. I think I’ve got the trash and recycling shored up, and I have the 20-ft tree limb and the smaller ones somewhere where they hopefully won’t crash into something.

Food didn’t spoil. Sump pump works. I expect to lose power around 2 am.

I left the tumble weave where it landed. Ick.

@RomeGirl: The subtitles came up automatically for me. What a delightfully simple dish! If you don’t have a bain marie, or even if you do, it’s quick and easy to warm the butter/cheese in the microwave, as if you guys didn’t know that.

I make a lovely simple pasta dish with mascarpone, fresh lemon, parmesan and baby asparagus. You put the mascarpone in a bowl with the zest and juice of one lemon, warm in your bain marie or microwave while the pasta cooks. A minute before the pasta is cooked, toss in the asparagus (cut in any way you prefer), then toss the whole thing together with a shit ton of parmesan. Mmmmm!

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