The GF thought I had to see this:

As some of you know, I’m not the best at leaving Manhattan. Or leaving the apartment for that matter. So where to go when you haven’t left Manhattan for a year? Mitsuwa, of course, in Edgewater, New Jersey. It’s a gigantic Japanese grocery store. All we had to do was catch a shuttle from the Port Authority.

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The view across the Hudson from Mitsuwa’s cafeteria – lots of great stands to order from. The second first building to the right of the lamp post is Grant’s tomb.

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There’s nothing like a good-quality sharp knife in the kitchen. The GF gifted me with a Nenox Western-style knife (this one) a few years ago from Korin, the store referenced in this video. If you’re ever in Manhattan, you should pay a visit – nearly every sushi chef in the city uses Korin knives and brings them in regularly for sharpening by the master sharpener.

Sushi Zen is good, but you-know-who says Yasuda is the best higher-end place. Median priced sushi favorites include Ushiwakamaru and Blue Ribbon (where we had our first date).

No, she didn’t die again, but she would have been 100 years old last Monday. I have used a few of these 8 cooking suggestions, and here’s the best one:

Eight Cooking Tips from Julia Child [Buzzfeed]

Make your own Chick-Fil-Gay!


Be aware. And take this quiz.

Our own Christine on Italian TV: