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As some of you know, I’m not the best at leaving Manhattan. Or leaving the apartment for that matter. So where to go when you haven’t left Manhattan for a year? Mitsuwa, of course, in Edgewater, New Jersey. It’s a gigantic Japanese grocery store. All we had to do was catch a shuttle from the Port Authority.

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The view across the Hudson from Mitsuwa’s cafeteria – lots of great stands to order from. The second first building to the right of the lamp post is Grant’s tomb.

And toys!

photo 1


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And toilet seats to make you tingle:

photo 2

And a wide array of New Years treats.

photo 3

Tomorrow? The ham.


8:01 am • Tuesday • December 24, 2013

Did you need a passport? Did you remember to make sure your shots were up to date? Jersey’s a dangerous place.

11:44 am • Tuesday • December 24, 2013

@Benedick: we last went there 7 years ago or so, and it is astonishing how much development has occurred along that stretch. Townhouses and condos – oh my!

3:51 pm • Tuesday • December 24, 2013

@blogenfreude: As far as development goes, 7 years in Jersey is like 7 months in Manhattan. Every time I go there everything has either been pulled down or is about to be pulled down, or has been pulled down and replaced with a Wholefoods.

4:24 pm • Tuesday • December 24, 2013

¡Feliz Navidad, Stinqueros!

メリー クリスマス!

4:44 pm • Tuesday • December 24, 2013

Gleðileg jól!

5:14 pm • Tuesday • December 24, 2013

Christmas dilemma: when we go out for dim sum tomorrow, what can Number One Daughter’s gluten-intolerant husband order? To the extent that one orders anything, with the serving cart staff slamming plates down on the table and pretending not to hear you.

5:45 pm • Tuesday • December 24, 2013

@Dodgerblue: Steamed broccoli? Tell him to man up and take a Pepcid before dinner.

4:47 am • Wednesday • December 25, 2013

@blogenfreude: No “M’s: Pop Life” merch?

If you’re not already familiar, ask the GF. She may blush, but she’ll know it. Life sized everything, and browsing without actually buying seems to be encouraged.

10:11 am • Wednesday • December 25, 2013

@Dodgerblue: Don’t they serve soup with rice noodles? Is there gluten in rice noodles? How about chicken feet?

I’m having trouble remembering exactly what is on the menu at a DimSum place, even though I’ve been hundreds of times. I’m usually distracted by, um, something when I am at a good one…

11:54 am • Wednesday • December 25, 2013

@Dodgerblue: You’re going traditional? That’s so heartwarming. We’re having a Christmas Arctic char.

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